If you look at the definition of peeveyou’ll see that it is anything that annoys, vexes, irritates, angers or in other words, pisses you off.

Please feel free to contribute to this round of topics. This new section will be dedicated to a whole slew of peeves that I, you, everyone has to deal with every day. I however, will be adding a new peeve topic once every week, every Monday.

I hope you enjoy this new addition to the site and that it gives you the opportunity to vent as much as possible. I’m sure that given time, this area will see a lot of people adding to the list that we will be discussing weekly.

There are some ground rules that I will do my level best to adhere to (You don’t have to, but that is a choice that is up to you):

  1. No group of people will be demeaned, be it race, creed, color, sex or disability. I’m sure I’m leaving out something in my list, but what people will be venting about could have others feeling that they are crossing a “no-no” political line.
  2. I’m a firm believer of free speech. I will do my level best, not to use profanity, but know that I am a retired sailor. The words often come out as I’m writing. I will promise now that I will work hard to ensure that I edit out the word with something else. Mistakes may happen. I am human.
  3. Politically incorrect statements will be made as people vent. Other people may not believe in their side of the wall (yes, people do erect invisible walls of bias), please understand that they are entitled to their own opinion. Whether they are wrong or not.
  4. I may not agree with what you have to say. We are not always right. We are not always wrong. Let’s try to see if we can meet someplace in the middle.
  5. I am putting up this part of the site to allow people to vent their frustrations. If you are frustrated with me. Sorry. I am going to continue to post every Monday. Hang in there with me, baby!
  6. I will reach a point when I am reaching out to all of you for peeves. I’ll tell you what. I’ll keep a running tab of all the peeves discussed on this website each peeve will feature a link to the peeve that we have covered, or I will dedicate a page on the companion site (until it gets up and running).
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