My Ode to My Wife

I wrote a poem for my wife. Not just any poem, but lyrics for a song. It has been over 15 years since I have written any kind of poetry, but I felt moved to do so. At the urging of my fellow 5Artz Creative Affiliations members, I have decided to post the first draft of what I wrote to this blog. If any musicians decide to pick it up and use it, all I ask is that you give me the credit for the lyrics.


My Quest


R.M. Almeida

You are my quest,

You are my dream,

My eternal crusade,

Even when we fought, you always stayed.

You are my quest,

I am your art,

Your strokes sometimes hurt,

But I’ll follow your heart.

~ Refrain ~

You are my quest,

You show the path when there’s none,

You make challenges simple,

The impossible…done.

You are my quest,

We’ve laughed and cried,

Lived through tough times,

To find each other each night.

~ Refrain ~

You are my quest,

You see past my flaws,

You forgive my mistakes,

And you break down my walls.

You are my quest,

My blue sky above,

You are my partner,

My eternal love.

~ Refrain ~

We’ve come a long way,

From those chats and retreats,

Such a long way,

From our texts and retweets.

When I look back,

From those cold days alone,

I think of your smile,

And your voice on the phone.