I seem to be coming up with a number of lyrics. I have no flying idea if any of them stand a chance of ever becoming songs (or if they are good enough). I just finished another lyric, entitled “Alternatives”.



R.M. Almeida


I went through some old pictures the other day,
Started wondering how life would be,
If my decisions were different than today,
Would I have been so blessed and free?

Would I have become a rock star?
Or would I be a millionaire?
Would I be running my very own bar?
Or would life be so bad I didn’t care?


I remembered what you did to help me grow,
I remembered how it was us against the “man”,
I didn’t know where our relationship had to go,
I didn’t even have a plan.

I remembered sleeping on your couch for a year,
I don’t know why I didn’t leave,
The pain you caused was so much for me to bear,
You had my heart on your sleeve.

I guess I lost the trust we’d built for so long,
I wanted to hurt you and make you pay,
But I forgave your choice that was so wrong,
And chose to lie to you each day.

We came so close to being husband and wife,
I damned your timing then,
Would we have had a wonderful life,
If I had lied up to the end?


You helped me feel like a superman each day,
There was no stopping me then.
Until you resurrected an old mistake,
And killed my soul with your sin.

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