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3When we started 5Artz, we did not know what we were getting into.

A monster of a project, the purpose of 5Artz is to build a community of support for artists, writers, musicians, photographers and perfomers. This site will be a haven for any and all creative souls to develop, collaborate, market and sell their ideas.

Our goal is to achieve 500,000 subscribers.

We forsee monthly contests of $50,000 dollars in all five disciplines. I foresee a $1 million dollar yearly contest for the best transmedia project, marketable to any and every studio in the world.

We artists can be arrogant, self-centered, narcissistic or even emotional vampires.

So, if I, a writer, want to pair up with an artist to illustrate my book, how do I know that artist will be able to come through with what I need? In the Forum, I am creating a rating system where artists of all disciplines can rate each other on how easy one is to work with, whether ot not they complete their tasks, or even rate their quality of work.

How can you prevent someone, or a group of someones from stealing your ideas?

Imagine a point-and-click collaborative contract that you can enter into with as many fellow artisans that you deem necessary to complete your project. The project is set from the moment in time that the project leader “starts the project clock”. It is up to each member of the group to set their timeline and adjust their contribution to the project according to the date that the group agrees to complete the project. What each person has contributed to the project can be carefully weighed and measured, in relation to the importance of their contribution to the project.

If a collaborator drops out, no worries. Their stuff goes with them. The person leaving the group, can also choose to leave their work (or specific parts of their work available) for inclusion in the final project and still receive residual payment for the work that they did, once the final product is sold. The group meanwhile, can find another person to take their place. The person who joins the group will get paid for their part in the project, while the person who left would receive a fraction of the amount of sales, based on how much of their work is used. The amount that everyone in the group receives is determined by an algorithm that measures the importance of what they contributed, amount of time that they took to complete their part of the project and how much the group decides to charge for their product.

If a leader drops out, no problem.

The group simply chooses a new project leader. The old leader will have the same options as anyone else who may decided to opt out of the project.

Imagine a website where you can literally talk to your collaborators.

The 5Artz SpeakEazy will be voice chat component, consisting of public domain software that is free to download and can be used for anything from live fan chat to collaborative planning. We will be using this software to enable you to talk to anyone. The SpeakEazy is set up much like an old traditional speakeasy of the 1920’s. There is a lobby (facade) that anyone who has the software can enter. Members have the ability to create their own LOCKED rooms (as long as you know the password to the specific room that is created, you can enter).

There is no limit to the number of rooms that can be created in the 5Artz SpeakEazy.

Once we have full funding, this voice chat software can accomodate up to 600 people at a time. The voice chat forum is part of our larger web-based forum, designed to house the entire 5Artz community. I would like to set up as few as 20 SpeakEazy’s, with a capability of combining all of them together for impromptu jam sessions, concerts where musicians can play what they have composed or areas where we as a community can band together for special events.

Imagine as a buyer, having unprecedented access to songs performed by up-and-coming 5Artz musicians for .50 or .79 apiece, maybe 7 to 9 dollars for the album that you love. Imagine as the performer, not only getting an audience of 100,000 people or more, but just as many people buying your music before, after and during your performance. Of course, any 5Artz artist would be able to feature existing links from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Etsy, etc. The idea of the forum is to provide every kind of support imaginable to our members.

Imagine a website with not only ebooks and audiobooks (performed by 5Artz performers), but graphic novels (created by 5Artz writers and 5Artz artists).

The collaborative functional design of 5Artz is designed for writer and artists, musicians, photographers and performance artists to work together. We want to show our members that creating fantastic, salable work can be done with a team.

Imagine as a buyer, gaining access to superb indie shorts and full length movies developed, created, directed and produced by 5Artz artists. Picture, as the collaborative team, as your work is purchased, the monies distributed automatically to you as a contributor. This means you can work on as many projects that you can handle, coin continually coming in as people purchase the work, no muss, no fuss, just create your stuff.

One thing I never had when I was writing was a mentor.

5Artz will feature some of the best mentors you will ever meet. Imagine finally having someone to “look over your shoulder” as you create, helping you every step of the way toward finishing your writing project, your animation project, your photographic project, your composition, or your voiceover project. Our goal is to one day give you access to premium content developed by current and historic celebrity mentors.

Just imagine!

You’re watching content created by a future Harrison Ford, or Don Henley on your phone or tablet. Maybe access mini-movies by a future Johnny Depp, Matt Damon, George Lucas or even Steven Spielberg…short diamonds of knowledge that you can take with you to your grave, giving you those tips to become successful.

This is the dream of the 5Artz founders.

Care to get a better idea of us?  Just follow the link to the website we are building: 5Artz Introductory Image

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