Reaching Billions as an Artist : Pay-per-Click Advertising

The easiest way to advertise on the web

What I believe are the easiest (and probably costliest) ways to advertise on the web is to utilize pay-per click advertising.

Pay-per-click advertising is very easy to find. If you are reading this article, you may have used a pay-per-click ad to reach what I have written. I will focus on pay-per-click and where to find

Search Engine Pay-per-Click


Google is probably the most prevalent (if not well-known) method that is used to attract customers to websites. Anyone with a credit card (or PayPal, etc.) or digital option to pay can utilize Google to get customers to their website.

So, what benefits are there to using Google to help you advertise your site? The major benefit of utilizing Google is that you can zero in on your market (if you don’t understand what I mean by “market”, follow this link). Google gives you the ability to find people who will love what you have created, live in your area or may hire you to create more of what they love.

Google gives you 3 goals (choices) when you access their site:

  1. Get more calls
  2. Get more visits to your physical location
  3. Get more website sales or sign-ups

Let’s try one. How about the third choice? Get more website sales or sign-ups.

Step One

Google wants you to describe your business. You start by entering your business name and the url (Uniform Resource Locator) of your website (web address).

Business Name and webiste

Step Two

Google then wants to know WHERE your customers are. Do you want customers in your local area or do you want to conquer the world?

Set your target market

Step Three

Next thing Google asks you is to target your ads. You want to choose topics (or key words) that are RELEVANT to your website. Let’s take my website, it is set up for my local area and caters to artists of all disciplines. What do I want to work with? I have a literary agent in one of my groups. How about publishing? Okay. My co-founder was an award-winning journalist, editor, author and ghostwriter. So, how about writing? Sounds good! So, I will add “story writing”, “writing a novel” and “writing a book” as my product or service. I’m still missing a few things. Well, I focus on “collaboration” and “establishing networks”…guess those will become services. I have video experts in my other group, so I will add “video collaboration”. I also have musicians in my group, so I add “Indie Musicians” I also have voice over professionals, so I will add “voice over” to the list. I will top off the list with “arts organization”, since that term encompasses what I am trying to do. Here is the result of my effort.

Final Product

Notice how many people I will reach with this ad.

Now comes the hard part, what do I title the ad? I cater to 5 different creative disciplines? I don’t have your help to name the ad, so I will have to “wing” (guess) my best solution. How about “Creative Minds Collaborate!”? It’s…okay. I want to keep the message simple. How about “We help creative people find a reason to collaborate.” I could even attempt to appeal to one’s greed: “Collaborations make more money.”

Step Four

Google gives me an option. I can add images to my ad. Why would one want to include images? If you have not kept up with the latest statistics, people tend to respond quickly to images.

It’s all about eyeballs

Step Five

One of the last options Google gives me is the budget. What can I afford to pay? Let’s look at the lowest amount that Google will offer:

My most inexpensive option

For my most inexpensive option, I would only have to pay $1.81 per day (on average), a result of 24 to 42 clicks to my website out of 915 to 1,428 people who look at my ad. If I apply the 1 percent rule to my numbers, the minimum number of people who follow my site should be at least 3 to 5 people per year.

Mid range budget

For my average or mid-range budget, I would pay $5.10 per day (on average). My results should be between 69 to 117 people who visit my site out of 2,345 to 3,970 people who see my ad per month. When I look at these numbers, I would estimate that I would get 828 to 1,404 visitors or 8 to 14 followers per year.

Most expensive option

The most I would pay would be $25.00 per day (on average). My results should net me 341 to 570 people visiting my site out of 11,592 to 19,377 people who see my ad.

If I use a little practical math, that means I should have had 4,092 to 6,480 people who visit my site per year. If I apply the 1 percent rule to the larger figure, I should have between 41 to 68 people follow my site every year.

Of course, there are no guarantees that I can get members out of the people who visit my site, but I prefer to build my members (or followers) over time. A perfect example are my meetup groups. Our Writer’s Workshop, started on October 1st of 2017, guided by Bill Guthrie has accumulated 485 members. Our Mixed Creative Meetup group, Creative Affiliations has attracted 551 members since November of 2017.

One note of interest is that normally, when one person drops from the group, we generally see from 2 to 3 people join within the next day.

Next in my series is pay-per-click, using social media.

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