Reaching Billions as an Artist: Social Media

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Using Social Media

Social Media such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat can be instrumental in locating markets for your website. There are other social media platforms that you may or may not be using, such as Flickr, Ello or TikTok. All of them work differently, so it is important for you to understand how they can help you.

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Facebook is probably one of the most influential social media platforms that you can use. Unlike many of the other social media platforms, it allows you to target specific markets. Recent political marketing on Facebook proved the effectiveness to reach specific markets; an excellent demonstration of how you can put its power to use.

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YouTube is effective in delivering video messages directly to your audience. “Edutainment” can take on many forms as a video. An artist can demonstrate their technique (for example), value that may be inherent in the art that they create. A musician can reach tight niche groups by talking about their music and how it relates to their interests. A writer can talk about their work…break into the nuances of what they tried to say in their prose. A culinary artist can demonstrate the beauty of their presentation, even taking their audience to create exact copies of their work in step-by-step informational videos.

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Twitter offers exactly 140 characters to deliver a message. It is a unique social media platform that is utilized by celebrities, politicians and businesses. “You can create a hashtag unique for your business and use it in your marketing to help people find your company and the conversations around it. In fact, hashtags are a great way to use Twitter for customer service and support.”- Social Media Examiner Twitter offers an artist the ability to “Tweet” a quick notice about what they are doing at the moment, as well as include a quick image of their life, as a method to promote themselves. A writer can offer a quick tweet of themselves at a bookstore signing.  A musician can tweet what venue they are playing at, showing a quick snapshot of the audience to bring in a larger crowd. An artist can tweet the gallery they are displaying their latest work, even include a snapshot of the work everyone is vying for to attempt a bidding war for their art. A culinary artist can tweet which of their locations they are in and provide a snapshot of their latest creation that is selling out from the menu.


Instagram is a visual social media platform that can be used in place of “a thousand words”. With 25 million business profiles worldwide, 2 million advertisers worldwide use Instagram to share their stories and drive results. -Instagram One of the most innovative ways I have found to utilize Instagram is to create an Instagram account and link it to your Facebook account. This method works very well if your desire is to set up an auction for a piece of work that you have completed.

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Snapchat is unique among social media platforms in that messages created are short-lived. The “self-destruct” quality of a Snapchat message started as a way for millennials to stay entertained. With 150 million users, Snapchat is used by people in the 13 to 34 age range, more males now use the platform. So, how could an artist use Snapchat? A gallery show would be the best use, perhaps a giveaway that offers a limited amount of time for Snapchat users to attend the gala. Culinary artists can use Snapchat in the same way, perhaps a limited menu offering for a specific amount of time to drive customers into the door. An author can use Snapchat for a book signing in a specific bookstore at a specific time…perhaps the offer of a free book can entice Snapchat users to attend. Simultaneous draws on Facebook and Twitter can add to the excitement of a dwindling opportunity to meet the artist in question.

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Flickr cannot be used to sell a product. It can, however, be used to promote you or your work with photographs or events.

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Ello is an ad-free alternative is existing social media networks. Ello is more of a “closed” kind of social network that is accessed by invitation only. Ello has become a uniquely relational social media platform in that it is “espousing a message of trust and cooperation, and the cornerstone of that is their insistence on not running adverts and not selling their user’s data to third parties.” – Make Use Of

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TikTok is all about short form mobile videos. Launched in 2017 by ByteDance, it is an app that was created for markets outside of China. More like a YouTube for mobile devices, TikTok is meant to spurn creative videos developed, edited and streamed on a mobile device. Videos are limited to 15 seconds and it works like other social media. Followers can leave reviews or comments as well as likes and/or hashtags. Like Snapchat, quick videos from artists could serve as promotions for a new generation of users.

I covered a few social media platforms in this blog post. As of this writing, there are many more platforms that show increased popularity. Do you want to sell your work or simply promote what you have created? As you can see, each platform serves a purpose. My advice is to choose what platform (or combination of platforms) best fit your perceived needs.

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