Reaching Billions as an Artist

Billions of users on the web, oh my!

How Do We Reach Our Audience?

Have you ever been curious about the number of people on the web?

If not, why not? If you own a blog, have a Facebook or other social media account, own a website, or are thinking of developing one you might want to be curious about the number of people on the web. Why? You can take the optimistic approach in wondering about how many people are on the web. Think of the number of people you could reach. The flip side of the coin is the more pessimistic view. Think of the number of people you are competing with for attention to your particular site. Here is a website you can use that offers you a glimpse into the world wide web, courtesy of Internet Live Stats:

Search Engine Optimization – Getting people to your website

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become the craft of getting people to your website. It is reminiscent of the marketing process.

When Marketing was Simple

I learned about marketing by working at a marketing services company in the early 1990’s. We employed a particular process for our clients. In order to get customers, they needed broadcast ads (radio, television were all we had at that time), print ads (magazine, newspaper) and word-of-mouth advertising. Advertising (I found) was like owning a boat. You pour a lot of money into it, in the hope that you will get some use out of your investment. Our job was to save them money on advertising. Money on radio ads (for example), could be saved by purchasing time at night (after midnight), rather than during the day. You still reach a small spectrum of the people you want to reach, but you could reach enough people to offset the amount of money you were spending on advertising.

Social Media has become the dominant method to reach a large group of people

Social Media

Social media has taken the place of advertising. Websites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and even Snapchat have become havens for anyone to establish a market for pennies, often for free. Like the old marketing process, a part of SEO focuses on social media. Marketing however, focused on a kind of mix (“marketing mix”) to get people into the door:

  • Broadcast
  • Print
  • Word-of-mouth

SEO has the same kind of mix . Here is a very good definition, courtesy of Wikipedia:

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How do you eat your steak? One bite at a time.

Eat Your Steak, One Bite at a Time

The process and methods that we have at our disposal have become complex and often seem overwhelming. If all you have is yourself and no advertising budget to speak of, how in the world do you reach your audience?

Thankfully, you don’t have to employ every part of SEO to find your audience. I personally feel that employing one part of SEO at a time is the best way to let people know you are on the web, a practice that requires above all else; diligence and patience.

Unless you have access to hundreds or even thousands of dollars, you are going to have to be satisfied with chipping away at your SEO requirements a little at a time. Not everything is going to be free, but you can build an audience for your work.†

“…slow and steady wins the race, till truth and talent claim their place.”

― B.J. Novak, One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories

To be continued…

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