Writer’s Workshops: A Way for Writers to Meet…IN PERSON

I checked how long it has been since I made my last post and was appalled.

My last post was made on June 25th of last year. I stopped because the advice I was given was that my writing was not ready. When is your writing…”ready”? I can agonize over punctuation, grammar or content until the moon turns blue (I believe the last time we had a “blue moon” took place sometime in the 1860’s). Wait a moment! We just had one, didn’t we? Well then, I suppose it is time for me to get my ducks in a row.


I am re-opening my blog on the advent of what I hope will be a successful “Meetup“, due to take place on Tuesday, the 6th of February. We titled our monthly meeting “The Writer’s Workshops at Barnes and Noble, Summerlin“. This Meetup is our second public workshop of 2018 and our 5th workshop since we started in September of 2017. As of this writing, we have 163 members in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our workshops are hosted and opened by Bill Guthrie, an author, award-winning writer, sportswriter and columnist for over 40 years. I manage setup, posting and marketing of the workshops.


This meetup will be a challenge for us since we will attempt to host 25 or more people in a very small space. I am hoping that we have enough chairs to handle all the people who have RSVP’d. In today’s climate, you would think that we would have other ways to reach a wider audience. Well, we do…but then there are issues that can arise, such as copyright, privacy, etc. We have taken so much for granted in this day and age of live streaming, Facebook, Instagram and other social media.


Yes, there are all kinds of options available to us, but about 90 percent of those options involve money (which we don’t have). Besides, there is something to say about meeting people face-to-face, and the opportunity for other writers to talk to someone with as much experience and knowledge as Bill Guthrie is often a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Facebook live streaming is one thing, but exchanging questions with him in the same room evokes a different feeling than one would have with an exchange of text.

2So what can we do? We work with what we have. I’ve got our 5Artz meetings to also consider since we don’t have a venue for this Meetup right now. (The store will not sanction a meetup for 5Artz, because it involves photography, music, performing arts and art, rather than writing). I wish we could hold our 5Artz Meetups in the bookstore as well. Until that day arrives, I will continue my search for a venue that is not too loud (we tried a restaurant – too noisy), too expensive or too far away for everyone to meet.

Wish me luck.

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