The Personal Experiences of a Writer

I refuse to allow another week to transpire without publishing something of significance to this blog. I am still editing past blog posts, to ensure that they reflect a degree of professionalism.

In the interim, I have decided to share short original written work ranging from 500 to 1500 words that deal with my personal experiences over the past 60 years. My decision is based on past conversations I have had with friends over the years. Many felt that my personal life would make an interesting book. Alhtough I do not feel the same way, I feel that this short work will challenge my skills as a descriptive writer.

I plan to write about:

  • What it is like to be stabbed
  • Visit numerous countries
  • Experience near death
  • Undergo major surgery
  • Live as a sailor on a ship
  • Experience a 7.8 earthquake
  • Witness a volcanic eruption
  • Lose your children
  • Experience a beating
  • Experience racial prejudice
  • Experience the influence of drugs
  • Stop a destructive habit (smoking, drinking, etc.)

For my part, I will ensure that each submission is edited prior to each post. I hope that my descriptions help writers who have not had these experiences create lasting and meaningful characters and that they never experience much of what I will describe.

I am certain that some readers and writers have experienced what I will be writing about. Many probably will have experienced worse. My purpose in writing about these experiences is not to achieve any personal therapy. I want to provide information for writers who have not experienced what I will be discussing. My hope is that this endeavor will allow young and old writers to empathize in my shared experiences, so that they can refine their personal writing endeavors.

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  • Hi R.M., R.E. here. First night surfing you site. I have a few of those. Kind of a pain of ass to keep up with when you have other things in life I know but now you in it up to, maybe your waist right now? Good form. Here I am at one in the morning on Saturday. Is it Saturday? Hell if I know, been busy today I reckon. So I am gonna’ look around and see where you at but it looks like you are off to a strong start. This stuff takes a lot of time, I know. I am slow but I get there so I will be back to offer my comments. One of my kids used WordPress when she started a blog about her life in Georgia. That is Georgia in Russia. That workload fried her circuits at first but she finally got a handle on it, just about the time she left for South Korea. lol. By the way, GoodRx is wonderful, especially if you want to save a bundle on Percs and BP meds.

    • Thank you, Rex. I appreciate your taking a look at this site. I’ve kept it alive for years. I have been developing new content for the past few months, but need to return to my regular posts. I’ll have to email you for suggestions.

      • Oh Lordy. I just sent you a tale by email. I can help you but are you sure you want that? Lol. Read what I just sent you and let me know. What in the hell are you doing up this late on a Sunday morning? Are you crazy, too?

      • My wife tells me I’m nuts all the time. I’ll probably get a few hours of sleep, then fall asleep tonight at 9 PM, to be up at 5 AM Monday morning to take my wife to work.

      • After having a fun day out on Lake Mead I will be having two strong Seven and Seven’s in the next ten minutes, call Two to just to wake her up and hit the sack to get up in six hours. Rinse and repeat. Life is good.

      • Wait until you hit the archives of this blog. I outlined some of the things that happened to me in my younger days. I also went into some of my ideas, in the process of writing my book.

      • Edward Riepe
        4 years ago

        You are harvesting new members. I think I mentioned you may need a bigger room. lol. Just make sure ladies get those comfortable chairs, especially the elderly ones.

      • Hello Rex! You’re right. Holy moley! Looks like a lot of writers. Guess you, Bill, Scott and Fred will have a lot of company. But…I only have 4 RSVP’s, I believe. Do you think they will be fashionably late?

      • By the way Rex…thank you very much, for your help in gathering more members.

      • Edward Riepe
        4 years ago

        No. Thank you, Bill and Barnes and Noble. I am just lucky or blessed. Haven’t figured it out yet.

      • Edward Riepe
        4 years ago

        HI Bob, Just checking to see if you wanted to go to the Las Vegas Writers Group October 19 next Thursday night. I will bringing Rena Wright, a published poet who will also be coming with me to Barnes and Noble. We will be getting there at 6:15 to 6:30 and be sitting at the bar in the room, discussing, what else, writing. If you are there I will play billy big bucks and pay your five dollar admission fee. This might be a less boring meeting with Laura Wilde but I doubt it. Rena is a member of the Henderson Group and she says those meetings she has attended are boring. I told her about the last meeting, about how interactive it was. She said there are a lot of frustrated writers in the meetings she has attended. She wants me to show her the trail. She has used a vanity press out of North Carolina and has hit a wall with her book. She is also a piano player, so there you go. for that musician meeting you were hinting at. lol. Later.

      • Hello Rex. Sure! I’ll be a bit late, though.

      • That is great news. I chatted with Rena today and she is eager to go, especially to your Writers Workshop. She is transplant from North Carolina that has hit a vanity press wall. I will show her the trail where she can follow her dreams. She is unique writer (a poet, you gotta’ love that) that is looking for that trail through the writing jungle. I will drop your admission on the old fart who is the taskmaster for the LVWG. He wrote a book long ago about some obscure religious requirements in his church. The price on Amazon for his book? One penny. I think you will be reeling and a little insecure about meetings after this meeting but don’t worry. There are legions of writers in this town that are looking for a way to just be read. You and Bill will be fine but I still think you two realize what you have found. Let is be on the record that RER Publishing was the first to recognize this opportunity. And I will bring one of my three Casio DB20s for you to play. Didn’t you say you were a player? We will see.

      • I’ve actually been to the Las Vegas Writer’s Group meetings a few years back. I used to attend regularly with a number of friends. Like your Rena, they were published poets – took advantage of vanity press publishing. Those folks are the people who convinced me that anyone, literally anyone can publish their own book. When Bill came through my classroom door, I could see the writing on the proverbial wall. There are loads of experienced, older professional writers out there, who need to connect with more inexperienced writer/authors as mentors and teachers. Many of these “real master writers” have no real connection to the world of the web, therefore go unnoticed and die, leaving behind legacies of forgotten articles that never made it to the digital world.

      • And that should not be. That is why the LVWG and the Henderson considers me a threat. I have sold more tales than any of their members. The times are a changing. Your writer’s group will become a beacon and not because of me. Just keep doing what you did. Barnes and Noble ain’t a stupid outfit.

      • You have my word, sir. I will not let up as far as the meetings go.

      • Tell you what. I could use your help in assisting Bill to get back into the modern-day world of publishing and mass media. One can see that he misses it a lot. He should be owner of a periodical or editor of a magazine.

      • I respect Bill. I can see it in his eyes everytime we do lock gaze or two. He can ask me anything. Hard to lead an old horse to new watering hole but I think Bill will be okay if he has friends who look out for him.

      • I am knocking out 5000 words everyday now with my current novel In a routine and I like that.

      • That is fantasic! I’m jealous! I’ve slowed to about a thousand words a day, since my computer went kaput. I’m looking forward to my binge week when I fix it.

      • I still find writing fun. It is that simple.

      • I still find writing fun. It is that simple. RER Publishing lost another writer ten days ago. She was 42 and a lover. She was working on a murder mystery, which I have never tackled. She was halfway when she lost her battle. I don’t do well with people I love in October. Life goes on.

      • I’m sorry for your loss. I’ve been in a dour mood as well. Today was my youngest daughter’s birthday, she would have turned 32. The one thing that kept me going was that I sent a text message to my surviving daughter. She works for Metro as a 911 dispatch operator. She has been working long shifts since the shooting. Told her how proud I am of her.

      • I haven’t been where you have been, thank God. But where I have been has been bad enough, I makes you a better writer. The SFWA requested my financials for the past eight years since I have been a publisher. I told them to fuck off. So I sent them my financials for 2014 to present. KDP reports, easily fulfilling their requirements for sales. The WWA is a lot tougher to get into that group. I told them to speak with Candy Moultan, our executive director. Waiting for the final approval. There are 120,000 writer in SFWA. Only 381 in the WWA but I am after that Nebula award this year. Thinking this might be a fucked up group. lol

      • We had five kids, all grown. I tell them to stay away now from their daddy in Vegas. Two writers, two lawyers and one jet engine mechanic. Lol

      • We had five kids, all grown. I tell them to stay away now from their daddy in Vegas. Two writers, two lawyers and one jet engine mechanic. Lol. Expensive schools they were. The U at Miami and Northwestern. And Clemson. One of the writers is a doctor now.

      • Damn. son. You have 38 members now. Build it and they will come. Good form.

      • I believe that’s been with your help.

      • Edward Riepe
        4 years ago

        Naw. I have been having fun. You guys are the brains. Rena and I will be bringing our Pepsi drinks and our flasks. Lol. Life is short and life is good. You know that by now.

      • Edward Riepe
        4 years ago

        I need discipline.

      • Edward Riepe
        4 years ago

        One equipped with a mute button that clears out of my crib every morning as the sun rises.

      • By the way. I just got done messaging a friend of mine and 5Artz co-owner/staffer, Mike Johnson. He’ll be there on the 19th at 7 PM.. Mike is a videographer.

      • At the LVWG meeting? Steve Fey will have a heart attack. He is a terrible motivational organizer and needs to be replaced. I will always have a space in my heart for the LVWG and there is no reason we can’t all work together to help people pursue their goals. Have him look for me at the bar when he arrives. I will be wearing my five thousand buck black hat sitting with wild Rena. lol. This is getting better with each passing day. By the way, they aren’t expecting me to be there.

      • We are gonna’ have some fun the 19th.

      • Melania is a looker from Idaho. Woo hoo!

    • Rex, if you ever want to fashion a website, or have time to do so, let me know. I have 8 templates you could choose from (instead of 100,000), and each one is easy to work with. Or…I can get one started for you.

      • Edward Riepe
        4 years ago

        I have one I developed with Wix a few years ago. Once my author’s page hit on Amazon I have never looked back. When I get the time I will add the ten or so books to that page but it is a low priority now. I was wondering, can I bring my DG20 to the meeting to show you what a hell of a guitar it is? I won’t play it…just thinking about that December meeting with musicians.

      • Lol! Sure! I’d love to see it! Besides, if you do decide to play it a bit, it may just open people to talk a little more.

      • This next session is all about creating characters. Just imagine the richness you would be adding to the discussion. Hell, if you want, we could even digress to the history of building characters. Seriously, I think it would be a fantastic addition to the meeting.

      • You are about to go to your third page with members. Life is good. You and Bill just keep it real. I intend to go around and meet new attendees to make sure they know we love them. Especially the lookers. Lol. I have people I know that have informed me about Bill. God bless that old writer. I do love him. He is passionate about writing, or so I have been told. I won’t mention names for now. I think this will be a fun ride in my life. I know I could fill my little Chevy with writers who are anxious to attend the Nov 7 the meeting. I hope those two psychics are coming and the Ghandi look alike atheist! I really like that dude. I am an expert about building characters but…I do like to kill them off every now and then. No one would remember Gone With the Wind unless Bonnie Blue died while riding her pony. I have spent nights on the couch after killing off characters that my late wife so laboriously worked to create. Always hard to do. Just have Bill or you ask the question at what point did you think you had connected with your characters pertaining to word count or chapter.

      • That’s a great idea, Rex! Bill has told me in the past, about his wish to get writers that he knows or has trained in the group meetings. Did you know that Harry Reid was a personal friend of his? Apparently, he also gave Bob Massi a shot as a journalist in his younger days.

  • I have been here for twenty plus years. I have a lot of sources about Bill. I see it in his eyes when he speaks.

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