The Personal Experiences of a Writer

I refuse to allow another week to transpire without publishing something of significance to this blog. I am still editing past blog posts, to ensure that they reflect a degree of professionalism.

In the interim, I have decided to share short original written work ranging from 500 to 1500 words that deal with my personal experiences over the past 60 years. My decision is based on past conversations I have had with friends over the years. Many felt that my personal life would make an interesting book. Alhtough I do not feel the same way, I feel that this short work will challenge my skills as a descriptive writer.

I plan to write about:

  • What it is like to be stabbed
  • Visit numerous countries
  • Experience near death
  • Undergo major surgery
  • Live as a sailor on a ship
  • Experience a 7.8 earthquake
  • Witness a volcanic eruption
  • Lose your children
  • Experience a beating
  • Experience racial prejudice
  • Experience the influence of drugs
  • Stop a destructive habit (smoking, drinking, etc.)

For my part, I will ensure that each submission is edited prior to each post. I hope that my descriptions help writers who have not had these experiences create lasting and meaningful characters and that they never experience much of what I will describe.

I am certain that some readers and writers have experienced what I will be writing about. Many probably will have experienced worse. My purpose in writing about these experiences is not to achieve any personal therapy. I want to provide information for writers who have not experienced what I will be discussing. My hope is that this endeavor will allow young and old writers to empathize in my shared experiences, so that they can refine their personal writing endeavors.