The Monster Awakens…

3 - CopyOkay, I have started the engine for 5Artz.

My partner feels that we are ready to start and that I am being too obsessive about wanting to ensure we have a perfect or near perfect website before we get started.

I will confer with Bill Guthrie, but I am sure he will agree.


I have been sitting on this too long.

So here is the plan.

I am starting with a fundraiser campaign and free membership, so that you can keep your eye on me. I will begin advertising on Facebook, this Saturday, the 29th of April to begin data collection.

If I am successful in raising funds to make 5Artz legitimate, I will switch this from a partnership to a corporation. Once the legal stuff is in place, I will begin refining work on two 5Artz stores:

  1. The mobile app store will only be available for paying members to sell short work.
  2. The 5Artz website will feature its own store for members to sell their completed work: Books, CD’s, DVD’s, etc. We’re not an Etsy clone, we are all about the five creative disciplines: Art, Writing (creative, how to’s, etc.), Music, Photography and Performing Arts (Podcast CD’s, etc.)

file000370626123My reasoning for the above is this: We are going to have a mixed bag of members. We will probably have novices through experts.

The site is geared for novices.

I want people who consider themselves “C-listers”, “D-listers” and “F-listers”, whether they are or not.

I want our members to have the opportunity to grow.

blue big lightbulb shining surrounded by group of people

concept for teamwork, imagination, creativity and idea generation as a group or team

I am not overlooking members who are semi-pros and pros. I’d like to get member pros into another area of the 5Artz world – sharing what they know for a price that members can afford. I see pros offering classes for $800.00, $1,500.00…I want my members to be able to afford the lessons. I don’t know right now…maybe create six month’s content.

That means learning how to develop curriculum (if you don’t know how) at $7.99 or $10.99 a month.

file0001326995371By creating dripped content memberships from experts, members will have access to material that will help them in their endeavors. Heck, we could even create “finishing schools” by our expert members for members who can afford it. (You can’t gouge someone who doesn’t have the cash to spend.) Besides, if we get to the point where we have tens of thousands of members, that could mean a lot of money in the long run for our experts. We’ll need money to pay the coders to revamp the website, so that credit for courses is immediately converted to cold, hard cash for the teacher or we devise some system that is specific to its course developer.

I’ve got all kinds of plans for 5Artz, but I can’t do it without community support.


That means eventually paying customer service people to respond to complaints, suggestions, personality issues, you name it. I can probably outsource it for a while, but that will become a financial nightmare very quickly, as well as an inability to control our service in-house.

I’d like to add a voice chat server to 5Artz as well.


Voice chat could be an effective way of dealing with issues, as well as a really cool community component…for the community. If anyone wants to be a pain, one can always mute them. If the member is really bad, we can always issue a time out for a while. We can reinstate the member to try them out again.

There are all kinds of things we can do with this monster.


I DO call it a monster, because it will become a monster. I’m willing to get this started, though. My dream is to create a community that could eventually become self-sustaining, with its own governing body. Something that could outlast myself, my family, your family, your family’s family…a community that might one day encompass the entire world, always developing or enhancing the culture that already exists, while its members are able to sustain themselves as creative individuals.

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