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If you didn’t catch it, I posted my newest Peeve: Peeved about going to work.

Different from my prior Peeve posts, it’s more upbeat. I personally don’t have a lot of Peeves about work, simply because I love what I do as a part time job and enjoy the people I come into contact with.

I also love what I am doing as a new full time job: Writing.

As I explain in the post, there was a point in time when I was very unhappy with what I was doing. I tend to be very positive about work. I am one of those people who works hard at not looking back on the negative and focusing on the positive aspects of what I have learned. Over the past few decades, I have had the opportunity to reap all kinds of personal rewards from the work that I have done. If you’ve never had the opportunity to do so, helping people is work that fills your heart. I have no complaints. I always recommend volunteering time to help others. There is no currency to match the feeling you get, when you are able to solve a problem for someone or fix something that they can’t fix.

I apologize for that.

This was a difficult post for me to write about. If you have your own Peeve about work, I would love to see your Peeve. You can always add to any Peeve by posting your comments here, on the site or wherever you are seeing this message.

The best medicine for negative thought is change.

If you are one of those people who is not satisfied with what you do, I recommend looking into either changing yourself, changing your personal life (which could be affecting the way you work) or better yet, changing what you do for a living. Going back to school and learning is always preferable to attempts at escaping by playing a game, drowning your sorrows or looking back at what you never did. If you can’t afford school, finding a mentor is another avenue you can take.

Jobs are always a part of our lives that we can change.

If you feel trapped in your present job, I recommend that you look and see if there are any positive options you can take to make your working life better. Professionally, I was in a job that did not suit me, and I did it for 20 years. I don’t recommend taking that path. There are things that can be learned from wiser people than ourselves. I look to mentors who may be gone from this earth, but have left us with all kinds of options to mull over. Take someone like Siddhārtha Gautama, otherwise known as Buddha for example. He was a real person who lived a very interesting life, who set out on a course of study that not a lot of us would take. He was an observer, who saw a lot of suffering. He came up with the Four Noble Truths (suffering, its origin, how to end it, and the eightfold path or the path leading to the extinction of suffering – Ancient History Encyclopedia).

I’m not suggesting that we all convert to Buddhism, mind you.

What I am suggesting is to look at what others who came before us had to offer. Heck, you have other really wise people like: Plato, Socrates, St. Thomas Aquinas, Harry S. Truman, John F. Kennedy, Son Tzu, Abraham Lincoln, etc. Take your pick. I’m just rattling off names that are plopping into my brain. There are tens of thousands that you can pick from, based upon your own personal ethos. My whole point here, is that if you are in a personal place, where you are not finding satisfaction with what you are doing, I highly recommend that you make plans to find something that you love doing.

Keep yourself happy by doing what you love to do.

If money is your concern, my personal opinion is that you find work that aligns itself with the direction you want to move. Don’t take out your frustrations on the people that you work with. Stay positive. Life will take care of itself.

Next Peeve that I don’t have a problem writing about: Neighbors.

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