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Well, I just finished the post regarding driving on Peeve.




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I included quite a few videos from YouTube that you may find interesting in this post. I believe that you will find that no matter where you are in the world, you will find people, places or events that will affect you to the point where you become sorely annoyed. Yes, it could be the other way around, but what you will find is that Peeve is all about you…and myself. This is more about you, though. What we discuss may not be morally right, or morally wrong. You and I are all entitled to get angry, it is what makes us human. What separates us from the rest of the animals in the world though, is that we learn to approach what affects us calmly or noncommittally.

Sharing problems.

Once upon a time, long ago, I had a good friend who gave me strange advice. He said, “When you have a problem, or problem with someone, tell everyone the problem. Pretty soon, no more problem.” Peeve is all about sharing those problems that happen to all of us, no matter where we are or what we are doing. Peeve is about letting loose or sharing our victories, no matter how trivial we think they may be.

Peeve is about looking at our pet peeves.

Sure, your input could be negative. I am banking on the fact that something, probably some stranger has at one time or another “stepped on your toes”. Heck, it could even be me. (Nope, you’re NOT going to stop the blog). Peeve is all about sharing our experiences. Peeve is about getting past the “idiocy of the world” that sometimes creeps into our personal lives, so that we can move on with the logic and normalcy of our own.

Peeve will be a weekly blog.

I will be updating the blog every Monday. Now, this does not account for time zone changes, so perhaps I should be clearer. I will be updating Peeve every Monday afternoon/evening Pacific Standard Time (PST). I’ve come up with a long list of peeves that affect all of us. Here is a hint of what you will find in the coming months:

Future Peeves

Out Anywhere

People cutting you off for a choice parking spot you have been waiting for
People not watching when they are backing up
People jostling you, no excuse me…
Rude customers
Rude customer service
A huge group of people cutting you off in the only cashier line
Parents who keep their screaming child in the store
People who bring their dog, cat, parakeet or whatever into the store
People at the cash register who can’t seem to make up their mind
People in the drive thru who take forever
Employees in the drive thru who don’t give you what you ordered


Butthead managers
Butthead employees
Butthead customers


Neighbors playing loud music at night
Neighbors parking in your parking spot
Neighbors stomping above you in an apartment complex
Neighbors blocking your way when you need to get to work
Parents bullshitting with the bus driver when the rest of us need to get to work
Neighbors with kids who get into all your shit
Neighbors with dogs or cats who poop all over your yard
Neighbors who don’t respect the boundaries of your property
Neighbors who throw loud parties
Couples who fight all of the time
Families with children who knock on your door trying to sell you worthless shit

Problems with Relatives

Problems with Kids/Stepkids

Problems with Spouses

Problems with Weather

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