Minding the Store: 5Artz

Still working on the store for the website. I’ve been thinking of different categories and genres that each member will need. It’s becoming a very long list. The next step is to see how it will line up in a mobile app.

The Book is Looking Better

I just received my art work for the book. I am working with one of 3 artists that I have picked to really enhance my pages.


The main character, Rosenet undergoes many changes. Here he is as we meet him in his story:



Pyridee is one of our heroes. A princess and huntress, she is the part of the group’s foundation.



Humbalt is a very young two thousand years old for a fairy. He can heal, but tends to shy away from helping others, thinking that he will destroy himself. That in a sense, makes him very selfish.



Magellan is an old, old warrior. He is also an alchemist. What does that mean? Why it means that Magellan can poison you, whip up the best meal you ever had or heal you of any disease. Just remember that he is hard of hearing.