Night Thoughts: Music to Write To

I was just about to drift to sleep, when I suddenly realized that I had not posted a thing today. Drawing upon the muse that already held me enrapt, I turned to my keyboard to explain how to use music to defeat writer’s block.

Perhaps some writers need total silence in order to write, others need to watch a television show, indifferent to children laughing and playing around them, or undergo a cacaphony of sound from the street below or apartment above. Some writers need to escape to their favorite place…maybe a Starbucks or a bookstore such as Barnes & Noble Booksellers to provide them with ambiance to write.

I often use music to write.

I’m not talking about going to YouTube and searching for a long video to watch. That could be lots of fun, but one Hell of a distraction. No, what I mean is to listen to music in the background that will set off a mood to write. Maybe something instrumental, Or better yet, maybe some classical music. It all depends on what you are writing. Maybe you need something with more grit, like harder rock or dance music to set you into your writing style.

Music provides an environment for you to work as a creative writer. Specific music can help you find the specific voice of a character. Think about the way your character is going to react to a given situation and put music to it. If you are writing an urban story, maybe you will want music that is current, as opposed to jazz, classical or new age music if you are writing a fantasy.

So, now that I have you in the mood to write…I’ll let you get to it.

-R.M. Almeida

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