Breaking Down Characters

Now I am in the process of breaking down my characters.

My main character in this book is Rosenet. For this part of the book, there are certain characters who are unable to converse with Rosenet. For this reason, I had to create other characters who could talk to him. I feel it is very important to focus on flaws of my characters. Rosenet for example, also talks with his body. He will scratch the ground with a hoof or make some kind of sound. A grunt, cough or neigh together with his head bobbing up and down are necessary to instill body language.

My other character is Pyridee. Pyridee is a princess, huntress and most important, a young woman. So, is she impetuous, quiet, angry or regal? By being regal, is she aloof? Does Pyridee think that she is better than everyone else? If so, how does she act toward everyone else? Is she indifferent? Is she a pain in the butt? What about when Pyridee is angry. Can she show her anger? If so, how? Does her face become flushed, does she curse or does she lash out at anyone?

Humbalt is a minor character who is very important. Humbalt’s body language is color. Whenever he feels something, a different color surrounds him.

Egarot is a minor character as well. He is an ancient gryphon, who doesn’t look a day over two thousand years. He is huge, regal and looks vicious as hell.

Magellan is a wisened old man. His charm is in his flaws. He has grown hard of hearing, is a master alchemist (can whip you up the most delicious stew, heal you with his collection of herbs, create homemade bombs or poison you) and has the most stubborn donkey you can imagine.

Shadale was created for comic relief. She is stubborn, brays a lot and is often prone to not moving. Period.

Sahame is the creature who is pursuing the group. I keep him in the shadows because that is what he is. Think of any horror movie that you can think of. What was the scariest thing in the movie? Why it is always that which you cannot see. Sahame you can see, but he is the most evil-looking, foulest-smelling, awful-tempered, ugliest creature on the planet.

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