Chapter 4: When the Cranes Return in Spring

Working on Chapter 4 has been taxing to say the least.

Chapter 4 is a collage of stories, centered around one character. The character’s name is “Golendor”. Golendor is what was once a dwarf. The character has become stunted, twisted, more like a spider now, than a dwarf. He lives on the dreams of others, sucking the life out of his victims one dream at a time. By the time he reaches 3 dreams, his victim is drained of life and dies.

Chapter 4 is set up like a ticking clock.

Magellan is trying desperately to save his friends. He is the only character who is not under Golendor’s influence. He is vainly attempting to gather what he needs to awaken his friends from a sleep that they are locked into. Meanwhile, each character is slowly being drained of life, via their dreams by Golendor.

Chapter 4 also gives me a chance to tell the back story of each character, sans Golendor.

Each character will be puzzled, because within the dream that they are having, the dwarf is also with them in the dream. Of course, they see him as he once appeared, not as he appears now.

Chapter 4 also focuses on the thread that each character has to Sahame.

My challenge throughout the chapter has been to not only extrapolate each character, but also illustrate how like a web, each character is intrinsically tied to the evil character of the story, Sahame. Think of Sahame as a bad dream that continually haunts you. Only Sahame affects all of you, either in the past or the present, in one way or another.

So the question is whether Magellan can reach everyone in time to save them from Golendor, or whether this is the end of the quest for everyone.

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