Minding the Store: 5Artz

Still working on the store for the website. I’ve been thinking of different categories and genres that each member will need. It’s becoming a very long list. The next step is to see how it will line up in a mobile app.

The Book is Looking Better

I just received my art work for the book. I am working with one of 3 artists that I have picked to really enhance my pages.


The main character, Rosenet undergoes many changes. Here he is as we meet him in his story:



Pyridee is one of our heroes. A princess and huntress, she is the part of the group’s foundation.



Humbalt is a very young two thousand years old for a fairy. He can heal, but tends to shy away from helping others, thinking that he will destroy himself. That in a sense, makes him very selfish.



Magellan is an old, old warrior. He is also an alchemist. What does that mean? Why it means that Magellan can poison you, whip up the best meal you ever had or heal you of any disease. Just remember that he is hard of hearing.



The 5Artz Website

Besides writing, I have been working on the 5Artz website nonstop.

I worked on updating the site a bit today, as well as doing some work on the store. What I feel will be of most importance to the members is the ability to create their own categories when they are selling their work.

What does that mean?

It means that members will have permissions to edit or develop their own fields in regard to the 5Artz store database. We will still have the last word, but giving members limited or specific access to the database will help the 5Artz store grow quickly.

More to come…

Night Thoughts: Music to Write To

I was just about to drift to sleep, when I suddenly realized that I had not posted a thing today. Drawing upon the muse that already held me enrapt, I turned to my keyboard to explain how to use music to defeat writer’s block.

Perhaps some writers need total silence in order to write, others need to watch a television show, indifferent to children laughing and playing around them, or undergo a cacaphony of sound from the street below or apartment above. Some writers need to escape to their favorite place…maybe a Starbucks or a bookstore such as Barnes & Noble Booksellers to provide them with ambiance to write.

I often use music to write.

I’m not talking about going to YouTube and searching for a long video to watch. That could be lots of fun, but one Hell of a distraction. No, what I mean is to listen to music in the background that will set off a mood to write. Maybe something instrumental, Or better yet, maybe some classical music. It all depends on what you are writing. Maybe you need something with more grit, like harder rock or dance music to set you into your writing style.

Music provides an environment for you to work as a creative writer. Specific music can help you find the specific voice of a character. Think about the way your character is going to react to a given situation and put music to it. If you are writing an urban story, maybe you will want music that is current, as opposed to jazz, classical or new age music if you are writing a fantasy.

So, now that I have you in the mood to write…I’ll let you get to it.

-R.M. Almeida

The 5Artz Store

The store seems to be taking a little longer than I had counted on.

I have been agonizing over how to best create the structure of the store. It will have to accomodate artists, writers, musicians, photographers and performing artists. That said, the database for the store will need to be broken down into easy-to-find areas for you, the buyer, without overwhelming you with choices.


Breaking Down Characters

Now I am in the process of breaking down my characters.

My main character in this book is Rosenet. For this part of the book, there are certain characters who are unable to converse with Rosenet. For this reason, I had to create other characters who could talk to him. I feel it is very important to focus on flaws of my characters. Rosenet for example, also talks with his body. He will scratch the ground with a hoof or make some kind of sound. A grunt, cough or neigh together with his head bobbing up and down are necessary to instill body language.

My other character is Pyridee. Pyridee is a princess, huntress and most important, a young woman. So, is she impetuous, quiet, angry or regal? By being regal, is she aloof? Does Pyridee think that she is better than everyone else? If so, how does she act toward everyone else? Is she indifferent? Is she a pain in the butt? What about when Pyridee is angry. Can she show her anger? If so, how? Does her face become flushed, does she curse or does she lash out at anyone?

Humbalt is a minor character who is very important. Humbalt’s body language is color. Whenever he feels something, a different color surrounds him.

Egarot is a minor character as well. He is an ancient gryphon, who doesn’t look a day over two thousand years. He is huge, regal and looks vicious as hell.

Magellan is a wisened old man. His charm is in his flaws. He has grown hard of hearing, is a master alchemist (can whip you up the most delicious stew, heal you with his collection of herbs, create homemade bombs or poison you) and has the most stubborn donkey you can imagine.

Shadale was created for comic relief. She is stubborn, brays a lot and is often prone to not moving. Period.

Sahame is the creature who is pursuing the group. I keep him in the shadows because that is what he is. Think of any horror movie that you can think of. What was the scariest thing in the movie? Why it is always that which you cannot see. Sahame you can see, but he is the most evil-looking, foulest-smelling, awful-tempered, ugliest creature on the planet.

Chapter 4: When the Cranes Return in Spring

Working on Chapter 4 has been taxing to say the least.

Chapter 4 is a collage of stories, centered around one character. The character’s name is “Golendor”. Golendor is what was once a dwarf. The character has become stunted, twisted, more like a spider now, than a dwarf. He lives on the dreams of others, sucking the life out of his victims one dream at a time. By the time he reaches 3 dreams, his victim is drained of life and dies.

Chapter 4 is set up like a ticking clock.

Magellan is trying desperately to save his friends. He is the only character who is not under Golendor’s influence. He is vainly attempting to gather what he needs to awaken his friends from a sleep that they are locked into. Meanwhile, each character is slowly being drained of life, via their dreams by Golendor.

Chapter 4 also gives me a chance to tell the back story of each character, sans Golendor.

Each character will be puzzled, because within the dream that they are having, the dwarf is also with them in the dream. Of course, they see him as he once appeared, not as he appears now.

Chapter 4 also focuses on the thread that each character has to Sahame.

My challenge throughout the chapter has been to not only extrapolate each character, but also illustrate how like a web, each character is intrinsically tied to the evil character of the story, Sahame. Think of Sahame as a bad dream that continually haunts you. Only Sahame affects all of you, either in the past or the present, in one way or another.

So the question is whether Magellan can reach everyone in time to save them from Golendor, or whether this is the end of the quest for everyone.

Getting it Together

Well, I’ve done it. I am pursuing a goal that I hope to accomplish before my time is up.


I’m writing full time.

I have a lot to prove to not only myself, but my dear wife and my friends who have known me for so many years.

From this point forward, I will be posting my thoughts or progress daily.

InnovateImageWeb.jpgWhat does this mean for you?

Something to follow…

You will now have the opportunity to look forward to the writing process (if you are curious). You will also have the opportunity to see how a website can be created (from scratch) and whether or not it can become successful.


I have over 23 book projects crying out to be developed:

  • When the Cranes Return in Spring
  • A Call to Answer
  • To Save a King
  • The Compound
  • Ink
  • Sword of War
  • Silverheels: The Story
  • Pereset
  • Colchis
  • Atlantis: Destruction
  • DreamMaster: Introduction
  • DreamMaster: Continuance
  • Guess They Just Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To
  • Shimmers
  • Who Cries for Gabriel?
  • The Shadowtrail Series
  • Shattered
  • Incomplete
  • Memoirs
  • The Developer
  • Hard-Pressed
  • Knock Out
  • Warbler

cropped-fci_logo_graphic-for-joseph1.jpgI am also going to be ramping up my efforts to make 5Artz a reality. If you would like to know more about 5Artz, simply follow the link that I have provided, or go to http://www.5artz.com.

R.M. Almeida