Mother’s Day

This post is dedicated to all our mothers in the world.

We all have mothers. It does not matter if we are orphans, adults, children, purple, pink, white, blue or red with green polka dots. We all have or have come from a mother.

This day is set aside to honor our mothers of the world.


It stands to reason that many things have been created to honor our mother.

Think of the very computer you are using RIGHT now.

Your computer uses a “Mother Board” (© 2016 Stack Exchange Inc).


No, this is not going to be a shameless plug for a company. Remember, this post is to honor our mothers. But here is something for you to gnaw on. Why not call it a “fatherboard”? Because if you think about the historical “Nuclear family” (Encyclopedia Britannica – ©2016),  you’ll find that everything is connected to the mother. The children are connected to the mother, the dog is connected to the mother, the cat is connected to the mother, heck…the father – especially – is connected to the mother. So, my point here is that because we are all connected, in one way or another to the mother, she deserves our honor, our homage and our respect.

Many of us will honor our mothers in different ways.

cute_baby_hd_picture1Some of us will endeavor to cater to our mother’s wants and needs. Others will bend over backward to ensure that our mother gets everything she wants, even stuff that she doesn’t desire (or would ever want).We will give them cards that we have made, purchased or printed. We will give them flowers, for some of us, the more flowers, the better. We will offer them food…so much food in fact, that if they eat another bite, they will burst. Just think, some of us will even prepare food for them that cannot be eaten, just so they can have an excuse to eat at a restaurant.

We will think of our mothers.


Some of us will remember our mothers.

They may not be here with us. But we will keep them alive in our thoughts on this day, to ensure that they never pass on to oblivion. We will write about them, paint them, tell stories about them, even drink to them.

mother_playing_with_daughter_193887Our mothers are a part of each and every one of us.

This Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the beauty of the mother, her laugh, her smile, even her stern voice. We will remember her touch, her kiss and her hugs. We will remember the good days and the bad days that she experienced as our mother.

mother_and_baby_184098We will always find that spot, that certain glow in our hearts which extols the warmth of this very special day.

For this is Mother’s Day.


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