“Chipped”: A Probable Future

This is a controversial article that talks about a probable future.

lvcloud21.jpgThis article postulates the creation of a dystopian future that echoes “George Orwell’s, 1984” or “Aldous Huxley’s, Brave New World“.

I had a very difficult time writing this piece, due to its level of possible controversy.

It has been difficult to ignore the rhetoric of our recent presidential primary elections. Horror entered my mind, as I watched people…many people voting for candidates who are so hell-bent on immigrant issues; introducing resolutions in their debates that were surprising and shocking. What is most surprising  are the numbers of voters willing to nominate someone who suggested that a system be introduced which could eventually result in “chipping” all of us, as Americans. At the time, the candidate “didn’t know what could be done, but that something has to be done”, supporting his argument by mentioning terrorism and high crime rates as a platform for debate.

Perhaps that candidate already knows what “has to be done”.

We have become a global culture that is dependent on technology. It is because of technology, that people with heart implants are living longer, fuller lives. People with brain dysfunctions such as Parkinson’s Disease are being treated with electrical stimulation, carefully monitored and controlled to help with everything from motor control to Anesthetic Management. The news has been rife with small headlines, such as Nano-Chip Brain Implants that allow a person to speak another language, instantly. Incarcerated individuals and ex-offenders could have microchips injected deep within their brains or bodies, eventually monitoring brain wave patterns or broadcasting locator beacons for the authorities to keep track of their movements. Long a concept of Science Fiction stories, we have imagined computer chips to enhance our thoughts, how we think, how we act, even control what we can no longer control within ourselves.

So, what else could chips be used for?

Dr. Michio Kaku “currently holds the Henry Semat Chair and Professorship in theoretical physics at the City College of New York” (Wikipedia, 18 February 2016). Dr. Kaku has authored several books, made countless lectures, presentations and television appearances that dealt with everything from politics to theoretical physics. Dt. Kaku’s books, “Physics of the Impossible” and “The Future of the Mind” discuss how physics, inventions of the future and microchips will make a difference in the way we live; our health, our longevity, even our professions…all from technology that is a part of us. Dr. Kaku paints a marvelous picture of how our world will become. A world free of cancer, health dysfunctions, technologically enhanced minds and global connectivity, to name a few benefits.

But what about doomsayers?

Conduct a search for “human microchip implants“, and you will find all kinds of information on why we should not support implantation of microchips under our collective “skins”. You will also find more objective sites which neither support nor argue against development of personal microchips. If you think about it, these microchips would be “items of convenience”, allowing us to enter our offices, homes, cars, or pay for items we want…all with a swipe of the hand. Just think, the chips could be used to house all of our personal information. If we head to the emergency room, there is nothing to fill out. We just sit and wait to be served after we check in with a swipe of our hand that gives the Emergency Room staff all of our vital signs in an instant. In an accident? No problem! Our insurance information is right there, along with our Social Security Number, medical and dental records, allergies, even our birth certificate!

One of the items that gained a lot of controversy was a hoax, perpetrated about our current Affordable Healthcare Act.

The hoax stated that the Affordable Healthcare Act contained information about a mandatory RFID chip that would be implanted under a person’s skin, containing all of their healthcare information. Current political arguments favor dismantling our current healthcare and replacing it. I often wonder if dismantling our current healthcare would favor what is touted as a hoax at the present time?

Just think of the convenience that microchips could bring to us.

Why, we would even solve the immigration problem. Yep, all of us chipped…and those who are not chipped? Well, a quick insertion of a microchip would determine a person’s DNA breakdown to see exactly where they are from. And they would be sent back to whence they came. Another scenario could ensure that “unchipped” people be detained in special holding areas, probably prisons, awaiting disposition.

Let us introduce a “Brave New World”.

Imagine, microchips placed in all of us, either marketed as the “newest thing” or that “You’re not part of the crowd, unless you’re chipped”…mandatory proof that we are who we say we are. Would the wealthy far surpass those who are not so fortunate, as those with embedded chips accrue information and skills at a far faster rate from the time they are born? Would billions of people become dependent on chip technology, waging war against each other in an effort to control the “chip grid”?

Is RFID the answer to all our problems?

The RFID solution has been proposed as an “end-all” product that could be introduced and used all over the world. From the United States to Europe, healthcare issues would be eradicated, immigration would be a problem of the past, young and old would be able to bolster skills within a matter of days, or perhaps seconds in the far future…for the world, no problem.

Or would our possible “chipped” future be far darker as humans become more dependent on technology to adapt to our world?


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