WordPress and Plugins

Plugins, plugins, plugins.


If you are working with WordPress, it’s a good bet that you have a number of plugins installed into your website. If you’re not working with WordPress, or you just don’t know about WordPress, a plugin is an add-on that you can include to your site. a plugin can be for any kind of use you can think of. It could be a database that you want to include with your site. There are plugins that allow you to sell from your site. There are plugins that offer security for your site. The list of plugins and uses are endless. At the time of this writing, there are 42,391 plugins for WordPress.

I personally feel that plugins constitute the “working” part of your website.

20151105_165219When you initially create a WordPress website, you have to install what is known as a theme. If you need to wrap your head around what I am talking about, think of your computer.

WordPress would be the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) of your computer.

(We are talking bare bones here, folks). Like your computer, it is a part of your site that you really don’t see much of. WordPress itself, is an intricacy of your site that requires a lot of programming knowledge.

The theme is the foundation of your site.

The theme is akin to your Operating System…so imagine Windows or OS X. The theme starts as a template that you can modify or customize.

The plugin is the enhancement to the site.

So, analogous to the computer, picture the software applications that you add to your own computer. Just like software, some plugins are free, some are not so free.

Of course, there are a few things you want to remember.


WordPress itself, is constantly being improved (just like Windows or OS X). Many of the improvements made to WordPress may affect the plugins that you have installed into your site. So, just like the problems that you might have with a Windows-based computer, if your software is not updated to match the new operating system that you are using, it may not work right on your computer. And like old software that is no longer compatible with your operating system, old plugins that are no longer compatible with WordPress can cause crashes to your site, the same as old software in Windows can cause that “blue screen of death”.

I find myself constantly refining my plugins.

Speed and ease of use is critical to 5Artz. Therefore, I am always refining what plugins I am featuring on the site. I am constantly testing what I am installing as well. My objective for the 5Artz site is to ensure that all the best tools I can offer for our members are incorporated into the site. Eventually, we may need to go to something else, or even have our website recreated from the ground up. For now though, we are using WordPress and WordPress plugins, extending the functionality and value of 5Artz to its members.



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