Time to Start the New Year Correctly…


I have been too long, not writing to this blog and this trend stops now.

When I started this blog, it was an attempt to record what events in my life contributed to ideas for books that I was working on. Those books are still not done, interrupted by my wife’s cancer, my teaching and my efforts to create an innovate website, now known as 5Artz. I am also guilty of playing online games.

I have concluded that I am allowing minor and major diversions of my life to prevent me from using my singular talent: writing. That will stop…now.

Therefore, I will digress for a moment to 1973.

clearmicI was 17 years young. I was a disc jockey on KOLY…part of a high school radio club. I very opinionated on the air, I dreamed of a future world filled with flying cars, space travel, rock and roll music, interspersed with an occasional adventure or two. NO ONE could tell me that I was wrong about anything.

Fast forward to our present day.

Rock and roll music is here to stay. Flying cars are still in development; maybe this will be our year. I did the adventuring thing in the U.S. Navy for 20 years, travelling everywhere in the world except Europe and space travel is still a pipe dream of a select few. I am very humbled when it comes to personal opinion, discovering that my opinion may not necessarily be right. But I have, on occasion, been correct in my summation about certain personalities and/or events to occur.

cropped-cropped-sundaybest.jpgDoing the math, I have just figured out that I am 59 years old.

Cathleen Teague and DadI am approaching the magic 60-year old mark. I’m pretty lucky as 60 year-old men go. I have all my hair, no dentures, very few wrinkles and can still get it up. (Yes ladies, men even think about the ability to act out “procreation techniques” at my age…) I am battling the ever-increasing fight with flab and weight, pondering whether I should visit one of those companies that advertises “new male treatments” to shed what I have been accumulating for the past 20-odd years.

In short, I have become lazy in my personal life.

Classroom1When I teach a class, my world changes. Lately, I have not been teaching as much as I would like. As a result, I have attempted to replace my world with other pastimes. The worst of those replacements have been online games. Online gaming has become a way for many of us to cope with changes in our environment. We use those games as a bucket list to replace feelings of boredom or not accomplishing our real world dreams. What I have allowed the online games to do, is to replace my dreams of becoming a published author. That method of escape changes as of today.

A year ago I lost the most valuable piece of technology to me.

My hard drive crashed. On that hard drive was a major story that I had been working on since 1987. Please understand that I have plenty of backup copies of my story, but what I lost was a finalized, salable copy, polished  with the help of my mentor, Bill Guthrie. The copies that I possess are all prior to my work with Bill. When I lost that hard drive, all of my hopes in finalizing the work died with it.

I am guilty of allowing myself to give up.

I am freely admitting that I allowed myself to give up my quest to become a published writer. That feeling will now be destroyed, by me. I know better. I know that allowing a setback of any kind is not in the vocabulary of any entrepreneurial spirit. I proved to myself long ago, that I have that spirit, and will soldier on, like I have been doing for the past 59 years.


For the next year, I will be working to complete the book and get it published.

If you are interested in how my stories were started, you will be able to access my old posts to this weblog to discover where many of my characters came from in real life.


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