My, How Sites Can Change

I am currently working on a new home for The new site is much simpler, more lean and up-to-date.

The home of our new site will be:

You are greeted by a video on every page. What I will eventually do, is to create a still image that one can use to start the video if they wish. But in the meantime, when one accesses the site, this is their greeting:

I will begin attention to the site, starting in January of next year. Over time, I will be building up to the launch of a crowdfunding campaign over 30 days. There will be a new video posted every day for the entire campaign, all of which will be featured on the site for those who cannot wait to see the videos. The site will be an online community. My goal is 500,000 members.

There is one catch: A $3.99 membership fee to join the site. So, what could possibly be worth $3.99 a month? Here are my plans:

  • A voice chat accessible from the site, eventually capable of accomodating thousands of people at one time
  • A forum for each discipline and general chat
  • An online storefront
  • A phone app storefront
  • A special web engine for collaborations between members
  • Special member Projects and Professionals Bank

So, to break down the site features:

Voice Chat

The 5Artz SpeakEazy is public domain software. Anyone can download the software, it is software that has been used by gamers for at least a decade. What makes this so special and unique will be the members who are there. We will have a public lobby for fans to drop by and see members. Members will be able to create their own private rooms. We will also create numerous SpeakEazies to augment each discipline as we grow. Otherwise, the cacaphony of hundreds of thousands of people entering and leaving the voice chat will be unimaginable. Our goal is to be able to chain our SpeakEazy servers together for concerts and special performances.

5Artz Forum Chat

Our forum chat will enable members to see which of their friends is online at the site. Why so important? 5Artz is built for collaboration. Our goal is to bring together musicians with artists, artists with writers, writers with everyone…you get the idea. We figure that a lot of people will want to stay solo and sell their projects via the phone app and online store, but the purpose of 5Artz is to bring together all of our artists as one community. It is easier to promote, sell and protect each other as a community, rather than just a small group or as one person.

5Artz Online Storefront

One of the reasons we are going to charge a $3.99 membership will be to support our online store. The 5Artz online store will need to be fast. Yes, we could outsource, and we might have to do that for a while, but our goal is for our members to earn 100% of whatever they create and sell. Other sites rely on their sellers to sell, so that they can take a commission that is either passed on to the seller or charged to the buyer. We believe in keeping everything above board. The membership fee pays for the staff, website, everything.

5Artz Phone App

The phone app has been created for one purpose: To provide a means for our members to make a living as creative artists. As we gain more members, the features of the phone app will improve. We will be able to grow from a simple store app to one that includes compressed video, featuring our newest products from top-selling members.

5Artz Collaborative Engine

The heart of the 5Artz website will be our collaborative engine. All members will eventually have to provide a PayPal account to start. We are sticking with PayPal for the time being until we can afford to create our own method of instant payment for members. The idea of the 5Artz collaborative engine is to allow members to join together for mixed projects, with the outcome being e-books, electronic albums, videos, etc. that can be marketed and sold through us to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, etc. All sales will be automatically split among the members who developed the collaborative project. As we grow, the engine could eventually be developed to include promotion, marketing and advertising for the mixed project.

5Artz Projects and Professionals Bank

Our Projects and Professionals feature will be the ultimate sign-up for our members. Through this, members will be able to (gasp!) rate each other on projects. This rating system will be in place for one reason. As creative professionals, many of us do not understand how to work as team members. The object that we have is to develop a simple rating system, usable by members that rates how well a person works as a team members, the quality of the work that the member delivers, how well the person communicated with the team, etc. But what is most important, is that the Projects and Professionals Bank will be the place that all members go to, when they want to find someone to work with.

Plans call for a number of video introductions that I am hoping will wow everyone into coming to the site to eventually become a member and hopefully…sell their work in one of the 5 creative disciplines:

  • Writer
  • Artist
  • Musician
  • Photographer
  • Performing Artist/Voiceover

The site will feature ONLY short pieces.

That’s right, a written, drawn, musical, videographic, dramatic or other creative piece that is developed for the daily commuter that will be sold from a phone app.

The 5Artz phone app will feature short work priced at $1.00 or less. Now, before you huff and puff, and blow this article away, hear me out.

We propose that the phone app be free, so that we can get people to look at the app in the first place. Members will be those who grace those app covers. buyers will be able to shop by categories:

  • ebook
  • music
  • imagery
  • video

Each category will be broken up into different genres:

  • Fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • Poetry
  • Country Western
  • Rock
  • Rap
  • Classical

And the list goes on and on. So, when you are posting your finished creation to the store, you will have to choose what category you want to be shown in, what genre…you get the picture. If you don’t, visit Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes…they all do the same thing.

Back to the pricing.

Our short pieces are designed to give the commuter entertainment for a short amount of time. They don’t have a lot of time to give us, so we give them something to while away the time they have on the bus, train, plane, automobile or whatever they are on.

So, how are you going to make any money at all if you price for $1.00 or less?

Let’s look at the formula for price point.

If you look at dollar stores, they are packed every day. It doesn’t matter if you are rich, poor or middle class, all of us, at one time or another go to the dollar store. That’s us.

Now let’s look at the phone app.

If we are able to attract the 500,000 members that we feel we can get, that will mean at least 500,000 downloads of the phone app that each member pushes. Now, what about word-of-mouth? Or the fact that each member knows more than one person? Let’s now multiply the number of possible users that you might have access to by a factor of 5. So, if you multiply 5 by 500,000 you get 2,500,000 downloads, or that number of people looking at the app.

So, for argument’s sake, you capture just 1% every month (because as a member, you will be agreeing to create and develop 1 new short piece every month that you sell on the app).

1% of 2,500,000 is (drum roll please)  25,000. If you were making $25,000 dollars a month, would you be able to live on that amount? Okay. We’re talking the best case scenario. What if you were at 5,000 every month? Or even 1,000 every month? You are creating the best possible short piece that you can, and developing a fan base. A fan base consists of people who LOVE your work. They love your work so much, that they will go back every month, to see what you have done. Since you are creating and providing your work from a phone app that they have ready access to, they will come back again and again.

Now let’s look at the really cool part.

At the end of the year, you have developed enough material for either a book, collection of short stories, music album, graphic collection, image portfolio, you name it. The idea here, is that you are able to sustain yourself as a creative artist, rather than as a waiter, waitress, doctor, lawyer, construction worker or whatever you are doing right now. You have one month to do nothing but create your short piece, edit, modify, change, hone or whatever you do to make it perfect and then let it go for sale. And, you are doing it as part of a very large community of artists who are doing the same kind of thing. Each person doing their own thing, their own niche, their own story. Greater chances for success as a group, rather than an individual.

That is the 5Artz dream.

Want to be a part of it? Keep in touch and when we’re ready.


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