Free Registry for Forum for Creative Innovation Now Open for Business

Okay, we have taken the plunge.


We opened up on, and have made a Free Registry for creative artists. Our list includes Writers, Artists, Photographers, Musicians and Performing Artists.

What is our goal?

There are thousands of websites available for individual disciplines. Thousands of websites for writers. Thousands of websites for artists. The same for photographers, musicians and performing artists. So, how is this website any different than the other websites for creative artists?

How many of you are making a living with your craft?


Honestly, how many of you can say that you are so good, that you do not need a website like mine to allow you the ability to collaborate with another person who ascribes to another discipline? A musician getting together with a poet, the musician taking music, the poet creating lyrics to go with the music. Maybe it is vice versa. How about a Writer getting together with an Artist to collaborate on a graphic novel? Or maybe a musician getting together with a photographer to help them with their album cover, maybe throw in a writer to help them with their biography, which could be included with their CD? Or a writer really could use a professional voice to narrate their story, expand their reach into books on CD.


There are a lot of ways to collaborate.

The rub is that often, when you collaborate, the other person wants cash up front. Cash that you don’t have. So the collaboration never happens, and you never really get that hit you are working so hard for. What if we had a free website, and a pay website?

What if a website existed that was designed…specifically created for mixed creative arts.

The reason why we have a free registry, is because we are developing a web engine that will allow future members to create (side-by-side) projects that (when finished) will be sold (by those who created it) in their own store, the proceeds automatically split between those creators for every sale. If you are serious about your craft, think about what you could do, if you could expand your ability to make a living by fusing your work in another discipline?

No, there are no guarantees, but answer the question yourself.

Could you, the artist, writer, musician, photographer or performing artist stand to get more exposure, if your work was featured with other work? A musician could gain more exposure, if their music was part of a collaborative work, where it is used as background for a story. A writer could gain more exposure if their writing is narrated by a professional voice, featuring original artwork by an artist that they had found in the fCI forum’s SpeakEazy.


How many websites feature the ability for you, the individual creative person to literally talk with another creative person?  And, the “registry” you are a member of is free.

Of course, once we have the web engine up and running on the site, we DO plan to charge for it. We plan to charge $3.99 per month for members to use the engine, personal storefront space, access to training and mentoring by people who can help them sell their work, or can put them together with people in the forum that they may not know. But the Free Registry will always remain free. So will the SpeakEazy.


Right now, the Free Registry is like a huge, empty mall.

It is waiting for creative individuals to set up shop in the mall. To begin filling the mall with posts of their ideas, filling the SpeakEazy with customers (other creative souls) to talk about possibilities. Possibilities involving collaboration, ideas for projects that others could be interested in.

There is no way we will be able to make this happen without you.

Once we start to fill up, we won’t be able to really get started until we can develop the web engine. Begin to talk about how we can bring more members into our fold. I foresee 500,000 members (paying members) within 5 years. I have many, many friends who feel that we can do that in less time. The only way we could ever do that is with your help. YOU have to bring other creative individuals in. YOU will be the ones running the site.



We have created the mall. Enjin has helped us with the SpeakEazy. Anyone can make this, but how many can create the engine necessary to make this successful? How many people know the real secret that will allow every member to make a living (some a very decent living) with their art? We will. We, as a community will make that happen.

As soon as the web engine is developed, we plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the pay site.

The funds will always go for you, the member. Any staff who come onboard will be paid from your contributions. Any upgrades that are made, will be courtesy of the members. Meanwhile, the idea is for as many members as humanly possible to make a living with their work. How will we do that? Well, I’m a teacher. One thing I teach all of my students is that you can’t eat a steak in one bite. You have to eat that steak in small bites. THAT is what we will show you. No tricks, no gimmicks, just a lot of hard work.

Imagine having the opportunity to work together with other creative individuals and get paid for your efforts.


One of the first items of business that we plan to install is a way for members not only to receive monetary compensation for their collaborative efforts, but to rate other members. We plan to do that in the Free Registry as well.

The more paying members we have, the more the community will benefit.

We will be able to bring in more staff as funds increase. We will be able to sponsor monthly contests with high payouts. (Oh yes, the winners will be voted on BY the community and judges chosen who sell work in their discipline). Think of the tools that could be employed in a tight community. Of course, members will vote on all upgrades to the site (member websites, improved storefront, video conferencing that allows whiteboards, storyboards or even high-money contests).

There would be a lot that we could do, if we are able to accomplish our 5-year goal.


But for now, the free registry is open.

If you are a creative individual, here is the link: Forum for Creative Innovation Portal. We’re still really small, but with your help, we can become a community to be reckoned with…a community of creative souls with a lot of power on the web.

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