A Great Writer, Journalist and Author

Meeting a great writer.


I have had the honor of working with a great writer, journalist and author for more than 6 months. His name is Bill Guthrie. Bill wrote for the Phoenix Gazette, Arizona Journal, Las Vegas Review Journal, and Las Vegas Sun and was publisher of several community newspapers. Bill ghosted two books and published one work of fiction under his own name.

In the time that I have come to know Bill; I have become convinced that he is the last knight in existence.

Bill’s gentle voice, rhetoric, quick wit and use of language is unparalleled. As a student, he is a quick study. As a mentor, I am often left humbled…stumbling for words as I am captured by his stories.

I highly recommend that you visit his blog site. He just put it up, and has already garnered an audience.

You can visit him at: wkguth.wordpress.com.

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