There Can Be No Joy Greater Than Revenge — Noisy Upstairs Neighbor

Vengeance is mine, sayeth me!  I cannot believe that I have found my upstairs neighbor’s Achille’s Heel.  I was playing some music on my computer when I heard a foot stomping on the floor above me.   I chortled in hacks of mirth as I contemplated this new discovery.  At long last!  I believe I have found the holy grail, and my answer was right in front of me all this time.  From now on, I will exact my vengeance with evil intent and methodical regularity.  I will teach my upstairs neighbor a lesson for all the sleepless nights he and his roommate have mercilessly visited upon me.  But then, I could have always complained to my landlord regarding the noise and sleep my neighbor has cost me.  But this…this will sweeten my dealings with my upstairs neighbor.

Before I go however, I do want to say that having a noisy upstairs neighbor is akin to dealing with rats in your ceiling.  They never seem to go to sleep, no matter how hard you hit the ceiling.  I remember having an apartment (a very nice apartment with deep wood panelling and marble floors) long ago in the Philippines.  There were no clauses in how to deal with the rats that regularly would climb straight up the walls, to nest in the crawlspace between the roof and the ceiling of the home.  I would use a mop handle to pound on the ceiling in order to shut the rats up.  They would stop for a moment, then continue to squeal loudly.  I developed a resolve in dealing with the rats — finally settling on complaints to my landlord about it, and eventually contracting with a pest control company to get rid of the pesky buggers.  It would take five months before I was finally able to get a decent night’s sleep.  But…I dealt with the rats…my way.

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  • Vengeance is indeed yours! I know the problem of having noisy neighbors; we used to have upstairs neighbors who would start drilling into the walls before the crack of dawn or far past dusk. It cost me a lot of sleep, but in the end, we were freed from that monstrosity!

    It is great that you’ve found a way to exact your revenge on them. What goes around, comes around, they say; and that is very true.

  • After asking nicely for the upstairs neighbors (3 adults and 1 baby)to simmer down and stop running up and down the halls, stomping/not walking, slamming doors and moving furniture at all hours of the day/night), we had the landlord talk to them, complex wrote a letter, etc., with no change. I have now decided to ring their doorbell every time they wake us up and ask them to “please stop waking us up” in the evil hopes that I wake that baby every time. JERKS! 3rd upstairs neighbors we have had but first pain in the a$$.

  • I have resorted to banging on the ceiling or shared walls and floors where the offenders is sleeping. This is the only thing that has worked for me to quiet down the offenders. Loud music doesn’t work because they actually like music loud.

    • I feel your pain. My upstairs neighbors are finally settling down for a time. I actually have been able to resolve some of our differences by inviting them to dinner. Yes…my wife and I wanted to eat them instead of the food we set before them, but we are working things out. We all watched a movie after dinner, and talked to each other (without bringing up any complaints of noise). I don’t know if it worked or not. I think what helped was that one of them came home while we all were eating. The roommates who were with us could not believe how loudly their footsteps are above us. Since then, they do keep more quiet and only have parties during the day. They have even invited us up on occasion. We declined but, since we are awake, it is easier to deal with the noise. Well, we will wait and see what happens…

  • Hi,
    We stay in Mumbai.
    Our upstairs neighbours used rent their flat and every two years we have had to deal with 2 small kids every time
    8 years ago, they came to reside with their 2 kids. We adjusted for them all these years, Now they are teenagers, still the running jumping continues/ they have 4 teenage cousins who are here every weekend and during vacations since last 8 years. We are really troubled and lack sleep and quality in life as they make noise till 3 am daily and are up at 6 am/.god knows when they sleep. Maybe in batches or so.

    Kindly suggest something, as we have tried talking to them and requesting them but its of no use. We have written to the management committe of our housing society and they too are unable to do anything and say that the owner is very stubborn.


    • Omigosh!

      8 years??? I am a patient man, but I don’t know if I could last for 8 years.

      Well, I see several options:

      1. You could move to another place.
      2. Ask the upstairs people to switch with you.
      3. Contact an exerminator. (I had big rats when I lived in the Philippines.)
      4. Sedate yourself heavily with alchohol. (You’ll never know the difference…BUT…this is dangerous. Can lead to alchololism.)
      5. Begin a campaign of heavy noise by purchasing the most expensive sound system you can get. Purchase, create or download music by artists such as: Metallica, Manowar, Monsters of Rock, Niklas Grosswald, Oliver Brooks, The Projex, Scott Mac & Simon Eve, Simon Bostock, Slayer (lots of Slayer). One of my students just reminded me to tell you to get really big DJ speakers.

      I hope that this helps. Or…gives you the perfect revenge for 8 years of torture and misery.

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