Waiting for My Neighbor to Move…

My wife and I live in a bottom apartment in a quiet complex.  It was quiet at least, until our new neighbor moved in.  Usually on Friday evenings, he has people over to play with him.  We can hear them above us, stomping on the floor like a herd of elephants.  There are many times when I’m sorely tempted to call the police.  I keep thinking that a few well placed 911 calls would solve the banging, thrumming and noise that sometimes shakes the walls of our apartment.  My problem is that if I did so, my wife would probably shoot me, for making trouble for someone else.  She is probably right, my wife.  No sense in becoming labelled as the bastard of the community.  There are my civil rights though:

  1. My right to peace and quiet, so that I can sleep
  2. My right to be able to watch television or a movie in my living room without having to turn it up, just so I can hear the sound
  3. My right to not wonder if one day, someone is going to discharge a weapon above me that will end my life
  4. My right to snore away through the night, and not be suddenly wakened by a bang, bump, or any other sharp noise
  5. My right to relax in my bedroom, without dealing with the loud stereo that my upstairs neighbor decided to turn on

One day, I am convinced that I will be cleaning my gun in the living room and it will accidentally discharge into that upper apartment. (Good thing I don’t own a gun.) Or, that I will be working on the wiring for a electromagnetic pulse weapon, that suddenly discharges into the upper apartment, effectively killing every electronic part that my upstairs neighbor owns.  Now that, is a dream worth having…

2 Responses to “Waiting for My Neighbor to Move…

  • Stunning quest there. What occurred after? Thanks!

    • It took a few months of complaints. Eventually, they just left. Either the management asked them to move for violating the policies of our apartment complex, or their roommate agreement dissolved. A very nice couple moved in their stead, but fate would decide that we were not to live there anymore. Their high pressure hose on their washing machine would rupture a few months later, turning our bottom apartment into an indoor lake. We have stayed in the same complex for years, but finally ended up in a choice apartment with a connecting garage. We have no plans to move until we die of old age, regardless how many times the management attempts to raise our lease. I believe in karma. Don’t you?

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