Going out with my wife

There is nothing like going out somewhere with my wife.  We have been together for 16 years now, and the moments that we share together are as precious to me as the moments that we have shared together since we met.

A lot of people do not know what we have gone through.  Normally, these moments are private, thought-provoking moments.  But, in the interest of bringing special moments to light, I have decided to bring just a few out into the open.

  1. On our first date, I drove us out to a bonfire at the beach in my friend’s car that I had borrowed for night.  I really didn’t want to go, but he and his wife put me up for a while, and they wanted some time alone.  My second date, I took my wife and her teenage daughter to Virtual World, to hold a virtual race on a virtual Mars outpost.  The three of us had a lot of virtual fun that night, that spawned a need for her daughter to accompany us on many more excursions.
  2. When my wife and I bought our first car, we thought we would not be able to afford it.  My daughter and her husband were visiting us that day.  Our car lasted long enough to break down at the dealership that we went to.  But, we returned home, driving a brand new car.
  3. The day I contacted my ex-fiance’, our relationship almost ended.  You see, her father had died.  For a short time, I was very close to my former fiance’, and we shared a kind of silent communication with each other.  It seemed strange that I would even attempt to contact her after her father’s passing, but we found that we had changed so much.  She had already been married 5 times when we met again.  But a spark still seemed to light up between us when we were brought together again.  My wife was crying, thinking that I would rekindle a love that had been extinguished for almost 10 years before.  But, there was nothing left between my former fiance’ and I, and we both found that whatever had been there died between us long before.  But, my wife stayed with me through that hard time, and trusted me.  I swore to myself not to break her trust.
  4. The day my father called me on the phone, telling me that my son had died in an automobile accident while I was at work, my wife came home from work to be waiting for me an hour later.  She held me for what seemed like forever, made all of the plans for my family to stay in a hotel where we lived, while I made calls to school, my family and my friends.  My wife and her daughter, my friends, and people I knew from work were at the funeral for me besides my family, to comfort me and help me to grow.
  5. The day that the twin towers came down in New York, my wife was at home watching television, and we heard about what happened at work.  We were devastated at work because we lost many clients that day, many people that we had met, talked to day after day, even exchanged jokes with from time to time.  Work closed down that day, and my wife was waiting for me at home.  We packed up a picnic, headed out to the beach, and listened to the radio with a lot of people we knew from work.  It was a special day for us; full of grief, reflection, and a lot of conversation.
  6. The day my wife brought home a sheltie sable that “pooped” on our rug, I was ecstatic.  Not by the poop on the rug, but by the dog that seemed to take to me immediately, much to the chagrin of my wife.  All of our children seemed to be jealous of our dog, perhaps because they felt the dog received more attention from us that they were getting.  By the way, our dog only made a mess on our carpet for the entire time we had her, and when our dog passed away, it was one of the lowest points in our lives.
  7. The day my wife told me that my sister had called to tell me that my father had passed away was awful.  I was teaching that day, and actually finished the class.  My wife made arrangements for me to fly to my parent’s home for the funeral.  Unfortunately, she could not go with me, because we did not have enough money at the time to weather our dog in a kennel.  So, my wife stayed to watch the dog while I dealt with the drama that would unfold during my father’s funeral.  My wife was there for me, to pick up the pieces.
  8. The day my wife and I married was the strangest day of our lives.  The minister who married us said, “So, you want to waste a perfectly good friendship?”  An Elvis impersonator came into our wedding as well.  We didn’t expect him to show up, but he did.  We respect Elvis, and his fans, but we didn’t ask for him.  After the ceremony, we looked at each other and laughed about the day, about the money we spent, and about the years we have been together.  And we both agreed that it was a really weird day.

This Sunday is our anniversary, and we are both working.  My wife works from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., while I just work for about 4 hours.  It will be a Sunday, just like any other day, but it won’t be any other day.  It will be a day for us to remember our moments together, and how we have ridden over the bumps and potholes in our life together.  But, the one thing I alway let my wife know is just how crazy I am about her, and how the bad and the good have cemented our relationship into something really lasting.  I will always treasure these moments, and the fact that my wife stuck it out with me, from thick and thin, for better or worse, we will be together to ride out what the world has to offer us together.

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  • I was sent this link by a friend 😉 We share this special day as a wedding anniversary. Like you, my husband and I have weathered many a storm as well but reading your blog made me tear up. I am so moved by the special bond you have with your wife and I think she, too, has found a special gem in you. Congratulations and looking forward to many more great stories from you.

    • Thank you. Because my wife and I worked on our anniversary, we were both too tired to celebrate it. We did however, celebrate our anniversary with an acquaintance the day before, and will probably celebrate the day today.
      By the way…we all lived through an “apocalyptic moment”. Guess the doomsayers were wrong again, eh?

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