Working Like a Teacher…errr, Writer

It looks like I have some great people reading my blog.  I have decided to “fess up” a little about myself.

I have been writing since 1985.  I have won international literary awards for my work, was a published short story writer, and had a chance to write for a San Diego paper as well.  If you have ever had a chance to do something you love, my time on the paper probably hits my all time high.  I would be in at 6 o’clock A.M. and refused to leave until 8 o’clock P.M.  I was dedicated to my craft…there was no person alive who could tear me away from my job.  My byline was featured on the front page of the paper during my tenure.  The editor told me that I had found my calling, but alas…it would not last.

You see, I was in the military.  The paper was “The Hoist“, and I could only spend 2 weeks at the paper.  It took a lot for me to finagle the opportunity to contribute as a journalist for the paper, and I aggressively pursued every assignment I was given.  The editor loved my work so much, that he requested to keep me assigned to the paper for an additional two weeks.  I was ecstatic.  So it was with a heavy heart, when my time came to return to my command.  But those memories were indelibly stamped (for me) in bona fide newspaper ink, in a box that probably no one will ever open, that will remain in my parent’s home for my mother to treasure until the day she passes.

There is nothing like recognition for your work, and I only hope to keep earning your praise as I continue to update my blog.

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