Realizing my Age

My youngest child is going to graduate from high school in less than a month.  I am now realizing my age.

Looking back, I cannot believe everthing I have been able to do, and what I have lived through.  I have seen human beings walking on the moon — okay, maybe not literally, but I did on television.  I have witnessed countless assassinations, as well as assassination attempts on television as well.  I have been through an 8.2 earthquake, a typhoon, 2 volcanoes and a really bad marriage.  I guess I’m doing okay.  I am now happily married, love my children and grandchildren (can’t keep up with the grandchildren’s names, though), and am very happy doing what I do.  I am writing this blog, spilling everything out to the world, completing my book, and am ready for more adventure.  What more is there to life?

On the darker side, I watched 60 minutes on CNBC today, and learned about the plight of many Americans who are out of work.  Many people are out of work here in my city.  Estimates are at 40% unemployed right now.  That is scary, and I am asking if we are in a depression, rather than a recession.  Businesses are closing down right and left, and the country is on the verge of bankruptcy.  China has become a global powerhouse and more countries are suffering the same fate as us.  It is as if we are running backward in global power to the heydays of China.  We’re talking a long time ago, folks.

In short, the world is turning and working just as it has for so many millenia.  Nothing has really changed.  The ebb and flow of life is happening as you read this, and we simply go on existing in our day-to-day lives.  The world continues on its merry path, and we are along for the ride.  Does it matter if you have money?  No.  Does it matter if you have power?  No.  You cannot change the world as it is, and you cannot save everyone.  You can attempt to touch a life or two, perhaps improve it for one person besides yourself.  Just remember that without the problems we face, life becomes a stagnant pool, pests flying all around it, waiting to sting anything that comes near it.  Our hurdles are there to let us know that we are still alive.

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