Fielding Sales Pitches

A friend of mine invited myself and my wife to a picnic in a posh area of Las Vegas this weekend.  In fact, he was inviting all of us at work to join him.  Someone said it was for some financial seminar.  As more and more of us become hit by higher prices and the recession, snake oil salespeople are coming out of the woodwork.

Historically, the snake oil salesman was known as a “conniving, two-timing, low life” who was after your money.  This person would not hesitate to “sell his mother to a whore house” if he saw a profit in what he was doing.  Many feel that the era of the snake oil salesman was borne out of despondancy in a person, others thought that these people were just plain mean.  The kind of people who would smile at you, say kind words, then stab you in the back for a nugget of lead.

Television is a medium that has been used in our time to promote these items.  We are pummelled by promises of all kinds every day on the tube.  If you have not seen it, there was a movie entitled “Network” that was eerily prophetic about our society.

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