End of the World Series: Evolution vs. Devolution

If the end of the world were really here, or actually coming in 2012, is there a way that we might survive?

Perhaps the argument between evolution and devolution might hold the key.

The definition of Evolution, that is the definition pertinent to our discussion describes evolution as that change in the gene pool of a population from generation to generation by such processes as mutation, natural selection, and genetic drift. In the sense of survival and our argument, gradual development, esp to a more complex form.  In this day and age of scientific advancement, is there a possibility that we could evolve into a species capable of surviving the worst catastrophic disaster of all time?  Or, is it possible for humankind to “speed up” our evolutionary process, so that we could solve problems such as fusion technology, propulsion, physics, and/or metallurgy that prevent us from being able to find appropriate means of building a technology that would enable us to save our world from any disaster, thus staving off our own possible extinction one day?

The definition of Devolution is known as a passing onwards or downwards from one stage to another and another word for degeneration.  In our context devolution describes the use of scientific knowledge and advancement capable of allowing us as a species to physically alter our bodies, so that we might be capable of sustaining catastrophic disaster — change such as developing skin, organs, and tissue that is much tougher than what we have now.  Perhaps an exoskeleton, or even withstand great temperatures.  Imagine if you will, humans or devolved humans, capable of living and surviving successfully in a harsh, volcanic environment, living on minerals, or even in a poisonous atmosphere.  The important factor being that these devolved humans would still be in fact, human…able to learn, speak, communicate and most importantly, build.  Imagine having the ability to continue our race as a devolved species.  We would be physically different from our present selves, yet able to continue on, restarting our life.  Perhaps even holding the key to our past DNA, in the hope that one day, on some far, distant planet we could once again repopulate a planet with an atmosphere which could sustain homo sapiens.

Interesting facts to dwell upon.  More to come…

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