End of the World Series: Could we Survive?

I have postulated many scenarios.  Now the question is, in the wake of a catastrophic global event, could we survive?

One of the most favorite and well-known farces in U.S. history was the “duck and cover” movies that were released in schools for children during the Cold War.  These scenarios depicted school children surviving an atomic blast, by hiding under their desks.  Many people, including comedians have discussed the implications of the U.S. stand on the survivability of nuclear war.  Today, a large majority of people do not believe that surviving a nuclear war is not plausible.  Some people feel that if they are to tunnel deep into the earth, that they can avert any disaster.  Is this true?

One company has been accused of poisoning drinking water.   The fracture fluid can be any number of fluids, ranging from water to gels, foams, nitrogen, carbon dioxide or air in some cases. Various types of proppant are used, including sand, resin-coated sand, and man-made ceramics depending on the type of permeability or grain strength needed. Radioactive sand is sometimes used so that the fracture trace along the wellbore can be measured. The injected fluid mixture is approximately 99 percent water and sand.  If other companies are involved in employing this method of extracting oil, and the chemicals they are using are contaminating the underground water that is the base for our drinking water, how could we survive any kind of holocaust?  Underground lakes and aquifers (groundwater) are the last bastion of potable water that we need to sustain ourselves.  If those are lost to contamination, we don’t stand a chance. The one thing that frightens me is the possibility of losing groundwater to drilling contamination.

Companies are buying up water rights.  There are many who believe that these rights will be the “New Oil”.    There is a lack of pure water.  Imagine paying 5 dollars per gallon for water.  Water that you need to live.

Global Warming is another controversial discussion.  There are those who maintain that global warming is not real.  Yet, many species in Antarctica are in danger of becoming extinct, due to the tremendous thaw of ice floes in the Antarctic.  The arctic as well, is also showing signs of warming temperatures, affecting wildlife too.  If a catastrophe were to strike the industrialized nations, what would happen?

If tomorrow, the world were to suddenly cease, if humankind were mysteriously wiped out, what would happen to the Earth?  Amazingly, the problems with our environment would eventually heal themselves.  The natural balance would be restored, and global warming would be a distant memory.

But, a scenario without humankind does not have to be a reality.  We could rectify the global problems we have now.  More to come…

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