Doomsday 2012 End of the World Series – The Minoan Civilization

About 3,500 years ago, a catastrophe struck the entire Mediterranean coast, the event was recorded by the Egyptians, the Sumerians, and the Phoenicians.  A major center of commerce was deluged by a tremendous wall of water, engulfing lands, levelling cities, and extinguishing the lives of countless thousands of people in one day.  This event has been hypothesized by some to be the destruction of the fabled city of Atlantis.  There are those who will argue that is not the case, but…one fact remains, that of the destruction of an entire civilization.

The island of Stronghyle (The Round One) is now called Santorini has been known by many names.  Also called Thera, located about 120 miles southeast from the Greek mainland.  The history of this island is buried under tons of ash.  It was the eruption of this island (at least 25 cubic miles of earth) that many theorize caused a tidal wave that inundated the island of Crete, an island with a span of about 160 miles, located 99 miles south of the Greek coast, home of the Minoan civilization.  What is known is that the end of the Minoan civilization, signified by tablets with writing known as Linear A Script seems to take place at about 1425 B.C., and is replaced by the Mycenean Civilization, which adopted their language, and modified for their own use, known as Linear B Script.

According to Spyridon Marinatos, in his book, “Atlantis The Truth Behind the Legend”, (1969, The Bobbs-Merrill Co., Inc.) the Egyptians recorded the rising of the Nile river, while “shoal mud” made the oceans veritably impassible.  They also recorded however, that the mud was so thick in places, that they could walk upon it.

So, what does this prove?  A great and awful cataclysm struck the known world at about 1500 B.C., causing death and destruction to myriad cultures and societies.  Yet, we humans survived whatever happened.  More to come…

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