Is “Idiocracy” on the Rise?

I just finished watching a movie called “Idiocracy”, a story about the downfall of our nation which mimics the current state of our country today.  In the movie, the people who have a boatload of children, are those who are not educated, passing on their philosophy of life, their genes, and their unwillingness to learn to their children.  Meanwhile, those of us who are imbued with a modicum of intelligence slowly push ourselves out of the gene pool, not bearing any children because our lives become so busy, we just don’t have the time for children, or are unable to have children.

In looking at the budget cuts in education, I wonder if the legacy of the movie is coming true.  Is “Idiocracy” a prophecy of times to come, or will we suddenly become imbued with common sense?  Training for companies is always the first thing to be cut.  It is evident that education is going in the same direction.  Sports, the national pastime has replaced theater and the arts in school.  In fact, the arts has been cut indefinitely from the budget of many a school.

What is happening to us?  What has happened to the pursuit of knowledge and artistic endeavor?  Are we slowly debasing ourselves to a doomed existence, barren of any kind of culture?

Perhaps the movie is right.  If our culture continues on its path, we will become a nation of idiots.  The next 500 years will tell.  My hope, is that there will be someone alive 500 years from now, that will have the intelligence to read my stories, understand, and enjoy what I have created, without the need for pictures to spell out what I have written…

One Response to “Is “Idiocracy” on the Rise?

  • Very potent. I share those views.
    Gluttony all around us. I have started finding a certain amusement in it these days.
    Watch George Carlin.

    Nice blog.

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