Moving in new directions

It isn’t often were given a chance to move in a direction.  Half the time you’re stuck in a rut wondering if you’re making the right choices.  Should I turn here or there, did I say the right thing, am I making the right decisions?  These are the questions constantly plague us.

I find that all the time I’m writing, I am not sure if I’m moving in the correct direction that my characters to go.  I often find myself stymied by dialogue that does not work, or actions that do not fit my character.  But unlike real life, I have the opportunity to change my character’s life.  It is a shame that we cannot snap our fingers and change a decision that we made, be it good or ill.  But perhaps, in creating our stories, we are given a chance to stride willingly and sometimes even blindly into situations that we could never face the real world.

It is the purview of the writer to encompass situations, directions and decisions that we would normally not make.  For it is the decisions of our characters often make them heroes in the eyes of our readers.

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