Once Upon a Life…

My students and I were caught up in a lunchtime conversation today, that continued once I finished up the class.  We talked about our pasts, how they have changed us, and how we have changed because of our environment.  Our talked spurned another thought — how we as writers can allow environmental changes to alter our characters, or not alter our characters.

My life has been a very colorful life.  I don’t know if I can say it was filled with danger, or even if it was one of those lives that people consider tough.  Tough is what we make of life.  It can be hard or easy, it all depends on the path that we walk.  As a fiction writer, I was taught the number one lesson of writing fiction: Keep getting your characters into trouble.  It is amazing how trouble moves the story along.  Danger, death-defying acts, heroism, humor, or “peppy” dialogue keeps the story running.  Heck, I was retelling my life, and keeping my monologue running for my students.

Perhaps one of these days, one day very soon, I will retell one of those days.  Perhaps, over a period of time, you will be able to see what makes a writer an author, or an author a best-selling author.  Only time will tell…

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