Moving Away from Writing

I’m moving away from writing today.  I wanted to discuss my classroom students a good teacher learns from your students the day you stop learning is the day you stop teaching.  I’m writing this log using voice recognition software to save some time.

I’ve been given the opportunity to help people change their lives for the past five years.  I cannot describe what a feeling of satisfaction that brings me.  The pay’ s nothing to scream about, but the rewards teaching and helping people outweigh the lack in pay.  The only thing that can measure up to this feeling of satisfaction is the immense pleasure  I am given when I write.  Writing for me is more than just a habit.  It is a way of life.  I cannot imagine what it would be like to not know how to write.  Yet, many of the students that I teach are not blessed with this ability.

It is my hope that one day at least one of my students read this blog.  I hope that they understand or perhaps they come to understand what it’s like to write.  The sense of accomplishment, the diligence that it takes, and the effort to create the perfect story is always locked in the back of your mind.  I often listen to music when I write, it’s not so much soothing music that I look for, but music that evokes pictures in my mind.  It is as if the music that I am listening to creates a symphony of words in my mind.  The story, the characters, plot, all seem to come to life my mind.  It is as if the entire book from start to finish is pre-mapped and ready to be placed on paper or in my word processor.

It is interesting that what I’m writing still seems to move back to my writing, even though my title for this post is “moving away from writing”.  Well, it is getting late.  I only give myself one hour to complete my writing tasks before I go to sleep.  So for now, I bid you good night.

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