How I write

As one moves through life, they pick up different things.  I pick up stories.  Not stories from other people mind you, but stories from my own imagination.  My stories are borne of my life, my travels, and the people I have met.

If you know about storytelling, some of the best stories were accompanied by music.  It has been surmised by many anthropologists that drums were used at first.  By the time we reach the ancient Greeks, we find that music was used as a background to enhance the story.  For so many years, music has shaped my life.  Would it interest you to know that I listen to music while I write?  Yes, music is the soul of my story, and my story is my composition.  Music allows me to compose vivid imagery, that like a negative, imparts itself in the mind of my reader.

There is not one person I have spoken to, who has not been able to see what I see as they read.  For me, it is that they can hear my song.  If you can hear the background of my story, then you can see the colors that I paint, the way the characters feel, the way the plot unfolds.  Because like life, my plots follow what must be — not good or bad, but what the way the story has to start, and end.

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