Anisse is a shade of my oldest daughter (since the story was originally written for her).  My initial picture of Anisse was of a delicate princess with ebony hair, soft, delicate-looking skin, dressed in white.  After I had a chance to work with the character, I saw a young woman accustomed to riding horses, trained in working with weapons as exercise, graceful, yet strong.  Headstrong and filled with confidence, Anisse had to have a weak spot.  I decided that though for all intents and purposes, Anisse looks and acts like a teenager, she is thousands of years old.  Yet, Anisse has no idea of her real age, or anyone she has known.  Anisse is unaware that she has grown up time, and time again.  Watching those around her die of old age, while she retained her grace and beauty has been hard on her.  Taking a husband is out of the question, because ultimately, Anisse would watch him grow older and older, to finally die of age, while she would never age a day.

Anisse is an anachronism in her world, a veritable Methusaleh who seems never to age.  Unfortunately for Anisse, she will soon be cast out into the world to prove her mettle by recruiting an army to save her kingdom, or marry into the very kingdom that threatens to overrun the peace and tranquility of her own lands.

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