Talia is actually a new character.  I don’t really know what I envisioned at first.  I did know that I pictured a woman with a thick Celtic drawl, sporting a shawl as thick as her accent.  As I thought about the character, she began to take on more definitive form.  A woman with light brown hair, very smart, and very impatient with her ward.  Later, as Talia kept coming back to mind, I saw a portly woman with broad shoulders, and a disappearing waist.  Not literally disappearing mind you, but sagging and beginning to succumb to the ravages of age, like many of us experience now.

I also see Talia as a force to be reckoned with.  Protective and sassy, she has the mind of a tactician, and the patience of a tigress.  She has the ability to think tactically and strategically — more like a general on a battlefield, than a simple caretaker.  She is able to see the big picture, analyze it quickly, and make a sound decision.  I see Talia as the antithesis of a weak old woman.  She is strong, sturdy, and willing to go the distance for those she loves – even sacrifice herself for her ethics and beliefs.

The only problem at the moment in my story, is that the only time you really meet her is in the beginning of the story.  You won’t see her again until the 2nd book.  So, the question is:  Do I introduce her now?  Is this too soon?  She will be playing a major part in books 2 and 3, so is it right for me to introduce her to you?  Right now, though every writing bone in my body screams against it, I cannot help but keep her in.  It just feels like the right thing to do.

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